Almost In Confidence

(Continued from Page 125) wourd be little opportunity to perform the trick. I know only two peop.e who roll their own . . . You are one of them . .

Fortunately, this difficulty is easily overcome. Tear (or cut) a bit of paper—about an inch and a quarter square—from the edge of a newspaper, and proceed exactly as explained under the heading "Working".

It is advisable to secure the tiny cigarette before tearing the required scrap from the newspaper. In this way there is no suspicious movement towards the pocket.

There is a big difference of opinion among magicians as regards the best kind of cigarette paper to use for this trick. Some conjurers tell me that they obtain perfect results with Rizla, blue packet. Others prefer the red packet. In this connection, here is what I wrote in the June issue of "Hugard's Magic Monthly": "I have experimented with various makes, and I have found that Zig-Zag —RED cover—gives the best results . . . The trick will work, after a fashion, with other brands (Job, Rizla and A.G.), but only too often, the cigarette goes out and has to be relit, and this greatly detracts from the effect."—(Page 947).

Few, if any, London tobacconists sell Zig-Zag paper. I obtain mine from Wool-worth & Co., 14, Holborn, E.C.I. (Opposite Gamage's). Many of the Woolworth branches, however, do not keep it in stock.

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