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attention of the company to her and away from you. Obviously, it does not matter in the least what her reply may be: you have had more than enough time to reach the stage depicted in Figure 3. But you must look ar the person you are addressing and not at your hands !

C. The Standard Method of Marking Off. The usual method employed to get the rwo top cards together is to fan them towards the right—using both hands for the purpose— and to insert the feft little finger below them as if about to make the pass. This plan, although extremely crude, is workable provided strong misdirection be used at the proper time.

D. "Gripping" the Cards. In his ex-

ce'lent work, "Card Manipulations No. 2", my old friend, Jean Hugard, points out that this sleight is usually "murdered" by card conjurers, a statement with which I heartily agree. The average performer, probably through nervousness, grips the "double" card as tightly as if his very life depended on it.. Firm but dainty handling is essential: otherwise, even the least observant "layman" will know that you are using two cards and not one

E. Riffling the Pack, While the "break" is retained (Figure 3), the cards may be riffled with the fingers and thumb of the right hand without losing the position.

In my next letter, I shall describe a somewhat easier method of performing the Double Card Turn-Over.

Sorcar Back in India

The Great Sorcar, the Indian magician, has gone back to Calcutta after a three-months' rour of Europe, during which he was over here for the Coronation celebrations and seeing to the preliminary arrangements for his forthcoming European tour. He writes that he is now remodelling his big show to make it fully Oriental, adding more Oriental magic, music, costume, scenery, effects, and so on, and that he is soon to open this new show which has been entitled "London to Calcutta." Sorcar has also added several new illusions to his programme—including vanishing a big motor-car and passengers from the audience; another called "Lady and the Lion" and another, "From Film to Life." Sorcar's eldest daughter, I la Sorcar, is an expert mentalist—she claims to remember over 60,000 telephone numbers, names and addresses from the telephone directories of six different cities. Her abilities in rhis direction are the basis of one of the features of the new show.

Kafanag sends us this cutting from the "Performer", and writes:—

A few weeks ago, an Indian Magician called on me after visiting my show at the Opera House in Hamburg and moreover accepted my hospitality.

This magician calls himself "The World's Greatest Magician" though he has not performed his act as yet, either on the Continent of Europe, nor in Africa, Australia or America or Great Britain, which means to say criticisms and opinions from five continents are missing!

A. That I have staged the illusion of a Disappearing Car Act, with a member of the audience sitting inside the car, with the greatest success, for years

B. That my partner, GLORIA, produces her Memory Act, which is unique throughout the world; GLORIA knowing by heart the addresses and telephone numbers of 40,000 subscribers in TEN different capitals of Europe.

C. That in my latest programme, I stage the novel act of "The Lady and the Lion". I first put on this act in Hamburg, where it proved an outstanding success, as it also did in Munich and many other cities visited to date. It is definitely one of the successful high-lights of the KALANAG MUSICAL MAGICAL REVUE.

This Indian Illusionist has stated in a note of publication in "THE PERFORMER" dated the 15th October, 1953, on Page 12, that he intended to extend and alter his Revue by proposing to stage in his new programme the folfowing NEW sensations.—

A. A disappearing car act, with a spectator in the car;

B. A telephone trick, his daughter Miss lla knowing 60,000 telephone numbers and addresses of six differenr cities.

C A scene entitled "The Lady and the Lion".

This illusionist already exposed himself years ago by copying the cover and setting of my programme, but I would greatly appreciate the comments of the magic world about this further VERY UNPROFESSIONAL copy ing by a brother magician, of illusions I originated in a New Version.

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