Almost In Confidence

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long as these gentlemen hold the cords, it would be quite impossible for him to get free. Of course, I could cut the cords but I do not want to do that as I shall need them again to-morrow. We must try what a magical formula will do." Addressing the boy, say: "Repeat the following words after me. Golla Cola. Walla Walla. Fuzzi Wuzzi". (Boy repeats).

17. While pattering as above, untie the knot in the shoulder strap, and place the costume, thus freed, on the boy's lap. Now untie the two rings, and give one of them to the boy, telling him to hold it in his left hand. Do not let the audience know that the other ring is free also.

18. Although the rings are free, there is still a knot in the bands. Be sure to untie f-his. Insert the forefinger of the left hand in the loops which are protruding from the sleeves, and hold them firmly. Place the remaining ring in the boy's right hand.

19. Now instruct the two men to step away from the chair. They should move towards the wings and about two feet towards the footlights, thereby taking up part of the "slack" formed by the undoing of the knots. Next request the assistants to hold their hands about three feet above the level of the boy's head, and to stretch the elastic. These details are most important.

20. Still standing behind the chair and slightly to the right of it, tell the boy to knock the rings against each other three times. Count: "One . . . two . . . THREE!" As he strikes the rings together for the third time, release the ¡oops from your left hand, and, like a flash of lightning, the bands will fly out of the sleeves of the robe, and they will be stretched across the stage and high above the level of the boy's head. The look of bewilderment on the faces of the men holding the bands and the puzzled expression of the child causes much laughter among the audience, and a round of applause is always accorded to the magician.

21. Thank the four adults for their assistance, and quickly dismiss them. When they have left the stage, help the boy to take off the robe and palm the "hot-dogs" from the pocket. Ask the child what he had for lunch. No matter what he may reply, say: "Sausages! I thought so!" Produce the string from the inside of his coat, and dismiss him also.

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