Alarm Clock from Nowhere


Every magician is surely ready for a utility production prop, which can be easily made, folds flat for travelling, can be of almost any size and is on a new principle.

Here is a splendid idea which fulfils all the above demands.

The performer displays four thin panels of wood, hinged together. They are spread full out and are then reversed so that both sides have been seen. The panels are then folded to make the four sides of a box — open top and bottom.

Immediately, the magician takes from within a ringing alarm clock, (or any other load he wishes) almost equal to the size of the "box".

There are no false moves or body loads; and the apparatus is self-contained. It is indeed a first-class example of clean and swift working.

A glance at the illustration will show the method better than any description. Actually, there are five panels. The alarm clock (or other load), is attached to panel 5 which is folded behind panel 4 and held naturally.

After showing the visible four panels, they are turned from end to end to show their other sides. During this process, panel 5 turns on its hinges away from the audience. Try this out by making four panels of cardboard and hinge them together with cellophane tape. You will instantly see how the whole thing works.

Whilst in this second position, fold the panels into a "box". You will find that panel 5 almost automatically adjusts itself into the inside, filling it with the load. If the load is an alarm clock, start the alarm and bring out the clock ringing.

Whatever the load, make sure that it does not protrude or release itself during the action.

The use of the alarm clock suggests patter about "all these bulky things one has to carry about" . . . yet how magic helps the traveller. Cosmetics, powder puffs and so forth could be pleasantly used by lady magicians.

The principle lends itself to considerable extension and could be developed into a stage illusion. Made up in a large size, with the panels on runners for easy turning, it might be possible to produce a human being.

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