Acquitment is the technical expression for the sleight to be made to show both hands empty although in fact a cigarette is concealed in one of the hands.

The cigarette is concealed by the right hand thumb-palming. The performer has directed himself to the spectators with his right side and demonstrates that the left hand is empty (see ill. I). Now he passes his right hand fingertips over the left hand to prove this to be true. As soon as the tips of the fingers of both hands touch each other the free end of the palmed cigarette is gripped between the left thumb fork (illustration II seen from above). Turning his left side to the public the left hand passes over the empty right hand and this hand can also be shown empty (illustration III). In fact the cigarette has been transferred from right to left hand palming.

If so desired all motions can easily be repeated in reverse order, in which case the cigarette appears from the right hand. But the student will find no difficulty to produce the cigarette from the left hand.

APOLOGY to Suzy Wandas, who is of course, a Belgian magicienne, not Dutch, as published in error.

A cigarette is concealed in the right hand thumb-palming. Left hand is shown empty. To draw full attention to this hand the performer taps same with the tip of the stretched right forefinger (illustration I). Now the fingers are bent so far inwards that the cigarette is gripped firmly between middle and third finger. The three fingers of the right hand, with the cigarette between third and middle finger, are stretched behind the back of the left hand and thereafter the right hand palm is turned towards the audience (illustration II). Making this motion the cigarette pivots between second and third finger and becomes a eking piece of the fingers. The first finger must also be sfraigh-


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