Dear Max.

On behalf of the Wakefield Mystic Triangle I write to ask you to thank the members of the Vampire Club most sincerely for their marvellous response to our Kismet Fund as explained by E. Basil Kaye on his visit to you.

We have now been able to pay off the funeral expenses and are now obtaining prices for a suitable headstone for the grave.

I will let you know how we get along and in the meantime your splendid subscription of £6 will be put in the fund.

Yours magically, JOHN F. TURNER, President.

The Mystic Triangle.

Right fingers take ball away from left fingers and left hand is shown empty on both sides—as well as the right hand holding the ball at the thumb and first finger tips.

The How: Thimble on right finger tip— ball in finger palm position in left hand. As you turn to left and you are now facing right to the audience, ball is transferred to right finger palm.

Drop (apparently) thimble in left palm, but really thumb palm it and drop the ball instead after which left fingers close upon the ball (supposedly the thimble). Open left hand and display ball.

As right fingers approach the ball in the left hand—here comes the "plus"—a subtle move.

The second or third left finger, under cover of the right hand, gets into the thimble removes it from its thumb palmed position and transfers it to the roots of the 2nd. and 3rd. fingers in the same (right) hand. Both fingers curl over the thimble and holds it out of view as the right hand actually holding the ball is palm towards the audience. The natural position of the right hand holding the ball at the finger tips, keeps the 2nd, 3rd. and little fingers curled inwards and the thimble concealment passes unnoticed and so much for the effect as you display the ball in right palm to audience only for a fraction of time as instantly you turn hand to show the back of the same hand.


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