Ace Of Clubs Nine From

Naturally, when the ninth card is turned up it proves to be the Ace of Clubs, and the CHOSEN CARD.

Method.— The prediction is self-evident. The force accomplished thus: When looking over in the Savoy for a fortnight and played right after to capacity audiences in The Berkeley. He "Floated" the customers and "Sawed them in Half" and generally gambolled thru' the pages of "Greater Magic" to great effect. I admire Bob for the fact that he not only invents his own tricks, but uses them! I think he must be more or less on his own in this capacity.

through deck for joker and guarantee cards to be discarded, performer places Ace of Clubs thirteenth from top. Queer as it may seem, most of the popular news commentators have names made up of either 12 or 13 letters. (Walter Winchell has 14 letters; Lowell Thomas—12; H. V. Ka I ten born—12; George H. Combes—13; Fulton Lewis jr.— 13; Johannes Steel—13; Fulton Oursler—13; Dorothy Parker—13.) If the selected name contains 12 letters, have the NEXT card noted. If 13 letters, have the LAST DEALT card noted. If a name is chosen which contains more or less than 12 or 13, it is easy to add or subtract cards at the top of the deck by showing how you want the name spelled out. The Ace of Clubs is placed in 9th position from top of deck under cover of spreading deck to show spectator really shuffled after looking at card. Easy, isn't it? And yet with a little ingenuity and showmanship you can work out an actual news broadcast on the current news of the day, with dynamic results on the audience.

[Note. This M.S.S. was written during the War and the British copyright given to me by the late Stuart Robson. (t can easily be modernised.—Editor.]

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