in Fig. 7. This indicative gesture is made with a view to drawing attention to the emptiness of the hand.

also turns over at the same time to bring its palm side to the front. In actual operation you have exposed BOTH sides of BOTH hands. The gimmick is transferred in the process from the thumb palm of the right to that of the left and

all of this is done SLOWLY and under LOGICAL conditions. It must be understood that after the left fingers get hold of the gimmick, the latter is transferred to the thumb palm position during the turning of the hand from front to back. Fig. 9 depicts the gimmick now in the left thumb palm grip. This is another exposed side view.

From the position shown in Fig. 9 the right hand now goes in front of the left, again palm to palm. The two middle fingers of the right now close over the ball as in Fig. 10. The right hand turns over sideways, as soon as it takes possession of the gimmick, to bring its back to view and at the same time the left turns over to bring its palm side to the front. The position now should again be as in Fig. 7. except that this time the gimmick is finger palmed by the BALL and NOT thumb gripped by the cigarette.

The right now reaches up into space and during the movement of the hand the thumb goes under the cigarette and pushes it up into view. Fig. 11 shows the start of this action.

From the front the illusion of plucking a cigarette from the atmosphere is all that can be desired and to say the least the production itself seems highly deceptive. The reader needs only a first trial before a mirror to become aware of its effectiveness.

However, after the cigarette is brought to view it is placed between the lips by the same hand. The ball is still in the finger palm of the right hand and the protruding corner of the first silk is in the right position to be nipped between the thumb and first finger of the same hand.

The hand now starts a graceful waving motion and the silk pulled out into view gradually. While the right is developing the first silk, the left hand goes to the trouser pocket on that side, brings out the lighter and lights the cigarette. The lighter is returned and you continue pulling out the silk until you feel the bottom corner.

By reason of the fact that the corners of the silks are loosely united, when one silk is fully produced it pulls out the next.

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