Splendid New Routine For This Trick Appeared In The October Issue

In brief the effect is that a lady out shopping lays some coins on the counter of a shop, and covers them with her hanky. As she spends she takes the coins from under the hanky and passes them to the shopkeeper. Suddenly she removes the hanky, only to find all the coins still remain on the counter INDEED IT IS CURIOUS CURRENCY ! Coins may be examined. No sleight of hand required. Mechanical effect. Complete.


"Here., in this effect, you have a near miracle" (Goodliffe). The effect is so clean cut, your audience is able to follow it quite clearly, yet, the more they see, the more they are mystified. The working is so simple that it does it all for you. The effect ite that six coins pass ONE BY ONE, from one cup to another. NO SLEIGHTS OF ANY DESCRIPTION. Grand Magic. Beautifully Made.

Complete, ready to work


Three spectators freely take any of three articles or coins, yet the performer can correctly divine all three choices. Anyone having knowledge of the old methods will certainly sit up and take notice, when they see the performer (eft without a clue to guide hSm. There are no matches or cards left upon the table as with the old methods. "Certainly the greatest advance this classic has had" (Ken de Courcy). "You may quote me in any words, as this is the best version I have ever seen" (Gus Southall). "George, you are a fool. It is far too cheap" (Theo Speaker). "It IS 'A.B.C.'. Altogether Beautifully Convincing". (Oscar Paulson).

Four Page Routine 5/-

^EORGE BLAKE'S FOCUS ON MAG'r (Continued from Page 223).

Are you of the fastidious type? If so, then make a slightly larger card, of good quality paint the snake in, in Day Clow colours, and BLACK OUT ALL THE" REST OF THE CARD WITH INDIAN INK. You will also need to black the reverse sides of the folding sections. Hold the snake in front of you and quite adjacent to your biack suit, and present the effect of the slow folding, as outlined in the last paragraph but one. Stand in front of a mirror and watch the effect of this luminous snake 'folding up', and I think you'll like jt. So much for the Sleeping Snake.

£lmm Eckam

For several years now Elmer has been one of the stalwarts of the American party of magicians who come regularly to these shores each year to attend the British Ring Convention. He is an elderly man now, but with the heart of a boy, and with his ever smiling face and cheerful pranks, he has indeed endeared himself to the British magical fraternity.

As is usual with life long magicians, he started magic at an early age, and also started work at 15 • . . in a "pants shop" as he calls it. Yes he fearnt the tailoring business and became a foreman. The first show he ever gave was also a professional engagement. He did not say if he ever got a return date!

He worked up his act until he was able to book quite a succession of private shows and also took up Children's entertaining at which he was particularly successful.

Eventually he turned whole time professional and produced an illusion act with fifteen assistants, touring the U.S.A. and Canada.

He later became interested in escapology and attained a high degree of proficiency in this difficult branch of magic. He claims to be the only man in the States who featured the escape from a strait-jacket whilst hanging head downwards by the knees from a trapeze bar!

At the early part of the First World War, he bought up rhe entire stock of a small magical dealer. He had always found that when he made tricks to his own ideas people liked them and bought them, so he started seriously to sell magic. He was drafted to Europe with the U.S. Army in 1917 and in 1918 was touring Europe's Camps with the White Lightning Follies. His one ambition was to get to England, and he only managed finally to get a pass by swearing that the fate Ellis Stranyon was his uncle!

After the War he returned home, got married in 1920 and commenced to work up his magic business at the back of his house. He worked up an act with his wife with Black and White Billiard Balls and Costumes,, but on teaching her Escapology she became (Continued on Page 208)




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