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The Princess and The Peasant


Do you remember any fairy stories ? Well, if you do you may remember where the outline of this one springs from.

The requirements are, as far as possible, Vampire goods, viz.: Phantom Cocktail Glass, a Changing Bag, Drawer Box and Flowers from Cone. Here is the plot:

"Once upon a time there lived a young peasant with his widowed mother in the forest and whilst out gathering firewood one day he saw the Princess riding by on the way to the King's palace.

"He fell in love with her at once but, being only a peasant he knew he couldn't marry her, so he decided to go to the palace and apply for a job as a footman. He said goodbye to his mother and placed a few sweets in his pack (changing bag).

"On the way through the wood he met an old woman with a heavy load and he very kindly helped her to her cottage.

"As he was about to leave she turned to him and said—'Young man, I know all about you and why you want to go to the palace. You have been kind to me and as a reward here is a magic wineglass, a magic box, and a sheet of fairy paper With these to help you your dreams will come true'.

9. Yes, a 20th. Century idea too ! Have some small brightly coloured pieces of ribbon about six inches in length and an inch wide, say Red, White and Blue. Drop red and blue into cone vanish white via thumb tip (one of Max's Plastic tips are ideal for this). Flick cone up and out fiy ribbons magically jointed together. The joined ribbons are in cone proper tucked under paper, from commencement of trick. That's all.

10. Force a card, show a small piece of Black and Red tissue paper, use either black or red according to card chosen (for obvious reasons it must be a pip card forced) show the paper, tear it into pieces, drop into cone (really into fake) followed by a blank paying card. Up goes the cone, with a report—out flies chosen card now printed with pips ! Chosen (?) card is merely in cone proper from commencement.

"He thanked her and as he turned the old woman touched his pack, uttered a magic word and went into her cottage.

"It was a hot day and he soon felt hungry. Imagine his surprise to find his pack was full of food instead of the few sweets. He ate his fill and. of course, felt thirsty soon afterwards.

"The wineglass was soon drained of wine but in a mysterious fashion it refilled itself as he watched. He looked into the magic box but it was empty.

"So he tramped onward—eating and drinking just as he liked. By the end of the day he was near the city and the King's palace and decided to sleep beneath a tree. There he had a wonderful dream—he fancied he was a real Prince and asked the Princess to marry him.

"When he woke the dream was still in his mind and he found himself gazing at the magic box. He opened it and found it full of jewels and money —a fortune in fact.

"Hardly daring to believe his eyes he went into the city, bought himself some rich clothing and a white horse. Into the courtyard of the palace he went and everybody bowed low as he asked to be taken to the Princess.

"Suddenly he thought to himself that he had no present for her. How nice to have a bouquet of flowers—but it was early spring time, so there were none yet.

"Then he remembered the fairy paper and taking it out read along the top 'Roll me into a cone'. He did so and when he looked into it there was a mass of flowers—he lifted them out and when he reached the Princess' room he knelt before her and presented them.

"When she saw how handsome he was she agreed willingly to marry him. But one thing worried him—if only he could prove he was a real prince.

"Once again his eye fell on the fairy paper. He had not noticed but there was some very old writing on it and a seal—yes! it showed that he was the long lost son of a king whose land lay not many miles away. He had wandered into the forest when young, got lost there, and the widow had found him and brought him up as her own child.

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