Really Beautiful Trick From China

The two bowls are presented upside down on a tray to commence with. One bowl is taken up and filled with rice, cereal or confetti. The other bowl is p!aced upside down on top of it, and the two bowls are together turned completely over. There is great surprise when the rice is seen to have DOUBLED IN QUANTITY ! Yes, it actually is piied up when the top bowl is removed and it even overflows onto the tray. The top bowl is replaced, and immediately removed again.

Gasps of astonishment leap through the audience and spontaneous applause bursts out as the performer pours sparkling CLEAR WATER FROM BOWL TO BOWL ! The rice has all vanished.

This apparent miracfe is very easy to do —in fact, you only have to do what we describe above and you get the effect.

There is no actual need to use rice. Confetti will do equally well and looks very pretty.

The apparatus we supply works itself entirely. No sleight of hand or palming necessary. Can be done cSose up in a drawing room if you wish.

The bowls are spun in polished aluminium and are 3in. in diameter. (FOR LARGER SIZE SEE STAGE TRICKS).

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