Real Scream Hit For Funsters

Wearing an ordinary tie—or a "Four in Hand" as our American friends have it, the performer appears to get a bit 'het up'. First he pushes his tie up . . . then he gets hot under the collar and loosens it. Later he realises it is untidy . . . and adjusts it again, and to everyone's astonishment it seems to be growing !

Yes it actually grows about six inches every time he touches it. The KNOT REMAINS TIED . . . BUT THE ENDS STILL GROW! DOWN, DOWN and DOWN ! !

Now it's at his waist . . . soon nearly to his knees, and finally nearly to his ankles. The funny part is that everyone notices it except the performer ! The audience fairly hoot with laughter . . . and after all this is what you want, isn't it.

Put on in a moment. No threads or suchlike to pull. Self working. A marvel of simplicity . . . and a genuine tailored tie.

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