A Passe Passe coin effect


This is the first of a New Series which will appear each month by this famous writer.

Here is a neat coin trick which can be performed anywhere. No table is needed and the coins may be borrowed (and marked if desired as no extra ones are employed). The exact effect is as follows : A two-shiiling piece is shown in the right hand and three pennies are dropped one by one into the left. The two hands are then held apart and a coin is heard to falf into the right hand. The left hand is opened and only rwo pennies are seen; the right hand is shown to contain the florin and a penny. Both hands are closed again and pointing to his left sleeve the performer invites the audience to try and see the next penny fly across.

The second penny is duly heard to drop into the right hand. The hands are opened; there is only one penny in the left hand and the florin and two pennies in the right. The last penny is shown and held in the closed left hand. A spectator is asked to place his finger in rhe performer's fist and actually feel the coin.

Finally it is heard to drop in the right hand which when opened discloses three pennies. The florin is then shown to be in the left hand and the trans-position is complete.

METHOD : Two sleights are employed in this effect. I will describe each in turn.

SLEIGHT No. 1 Place and hold a florin in the right hand palm. Take a penny between the thumb and first finger of the same hand holding the coin at either side.

Slightly curl up the second and third fingers. Now turn rhe hand downwards, fingernails towards the floor and at the same time transfer the penny on to the curled fingers holding it in a balanced position. Bring the open left hand below the right with two pennies lying on the paim. Next release the florin from the palmed position allowing it to drop flat on to the penny balanced on the fingers. Close the left hand as if receiving the extra penny and separate the hands. FIG. 1 (A & B) illustrates the position of the hands and the dropping of the florin from the palm. The correct angle at which to hold the right hand during the dropping of the coin must be found by experiment (as no two hands are exactly alike) so that the florin drops on to the penny with an audible "clink".



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