New Sideline For Magical Entertainers

An item that will please both young and old, making a distinct change from conjuring, yet being related in the fact that there is 'a trick in it', is that of Balloonology. Briefly, it is the making of animals and dolls from toy balloons. In cold print, that sounds most uninteresting! Yet, to both the audience, and the performer alike, it certainly is great fun !

With very little practice, the art can be mastered, and a very creditable performance can be given. However, before going into details as to how to make the many different shapes formed from clusters of toy balloons, the would-bs-balloonologist must first of all master his natural fear of the "popping" whilst blowing up the toy balloons. There is. nothing to fear in the little rubber tube going off bang ! it's just the noise that frightens most—a fobia possibly acquired whilst still a child ! Yet, when the audience see the performer blowing a balloon, and hears it 'pop' —invariably it gets a "belly-laugh". Such are the reactions, both sides of the fence, so to speak !

There is nothing I can do for you to help you master that fear of the bursting balloon. You must do this for yourself. Personally, I mastered it by continually blowing balloons until they burst, and eventually, after finding that they caused me no harm, I got so used to the 'popping' that I didn't even know that I ever feared it! Now I can blow a balloon to burst—and even revel in the expressions of my audiences' faces whilst doing this, to them, 'reckless' feat.

Lesson one, then, is blow balloons up till they burst, and until you couldn't care less about it!

Now we shall proceed with lesson two. How to tie a balloon, when it is inflated. This comes with practice and is like second nature, once you have mastered the art. After inflating the balloon gently twist the teat round the index finger of the left hand, push the teat end through the loop thus formed, and the balloon is tied. Simple—isn't it!

Here goes then for lesson three, how to make a toy balloon dog with five balloons. Inflate all five balloons—which naturally are of the sausage or airship variety—but do not blow them up too hard. It is advisable to gently stretch the balloons before inflation, as this makes it much easier to blow them up. Tie two of the balloons together by the teats.


Twist another balloon in half and affix it over the knot where the two balloons were tied together (Fig. 1). Twist another balloon in half over one end of the tied balloons (Fig.

2). nose and mouth, and the toy is complete. Then twist the remaining balloon in half over the other end of the tied balloons (Fig.

3). We now have a dog. With Indian ink, and a paint brush, it is a simple matter to add eyes

(To be continued).
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