Knife Change

Dear Max,

I liked Eddie Joseph's method for switching a borrowed cigarette for a faked one. I got the idea of using this method for switching the all white knife for the red and white one in your "Chameleon Pen-knife" trick. I think this improves the routine as the white knife is apparently taken from the audience on the left hand and at once changed to red.

While the audience examine the all white knife you secure the faked one in the right hand just as you would a cigarette.

Put left hand out to take back knife then take it off left hand with right. Lever up faked knife and point to it saying "Now you have all examined this knife we will see what happens when I put some magic powder on it".

As you say this take knife in left hand and right hand in pocket to get powder. (Really leave knife).

Continue routine as usual.

This take a lot of explaining, but anyone who reads the "Magic Magazine" will understand it at once So if you think its any good you could reprint it in the "Magic Magazine"


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