Horse Race Prediction

EFFECT.—On a card, signed by a person who is going to be present at the magicians show in a few days time, the magician writes the prediction of a horse race to be run between now and the magic show. The envelope is sealed securely with Sellotape and signed by the spectator.

On the day of the show the original assistant who signed the envelope makes sure it has not been opened. The envelope is then opened, the prediction is read and it proves to be the correct winner of the race !

This has been used by me once or twice and has a terrific impact on the audience. After the original spectator has signed the envelope the magician pretends to write on the prediction card. This is sealed in the envelope and the magician keeps the envelope. When the result of the race is known the magician places the envelope under a sheet of paper, (carbon side upwards) and writes the winner of the race on the paper. The writing will go through onto the prediction card. All that has to be done now is to open the envelope on the show night. The carbon paper can be palmed out of the envelope then everything can be examined.


Effect.—Performer invites someone to act as an interrogator and is given a card to hold reading "Senator Joe"—performer then displays a pack of cards, the backs of which appear to be blue. The faces of the cards are printed with the caricature of a man.

The cards are then cut until the interrogator calls stop, the card at the cut is then removed and placed on a stand (face forward). After three or four have been selected the cards are turned round to show that the assistant has certainly "spotted" the "reds", each card having a large red spot instead of a blue back.

Requirements—Twenty-four blue backed cards printed with the caricature of a man on their faces. Twenty-four cards printed with the caricature of a man on the face and a red spot on the back.

Standard blank and double blank cards were used for these, and the printing was done locally from stock blocks.

The faces of the blue backed cards and the red spot surfaces are roughed, and the other surfaces smoothed, thus making twenty-four double cards.

Method.—Performer invites someone to assist him and act as an interrogator. The

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