Good Deck Switch

Have a handkerchief in left outside breast pocket, slightly protruding. Place cardboard partition in left side coat pocket, resting on one long edge. Place the "special" or "set-up" deck, which is to be switched, lengthwise (on its side) in the same side coat pocket, to the side of the partition nearest the body, and with the faces of the cards also toward the body. Duplicate (ordinary) deck is held in hands.

After performing several effects with the ordinary deck, take it in left hand and openly place the ordinary deck into the left side coat pocket, on the opposite side of the partition from the "set-up" or "special" deck. At the same time, remove handkerchief from left outside breast pocket with right hand and carefully wipe hands. The placing of the deck in the pocket and the removal of the handkerchief from the other pocket should be done


After wiping hands with handkerchief, replace it (using the right hand) in the breast pocket from which you took it; and, at the same time, CASUALLY put left hand into left side coat pocket and remove the "special" or "set-up" deck, leaving the ordinary deck in the pocket. If you will do this naturally and without haste, bold as the procedure may seem, there is not one chance in a thousand of your being caught in the subterfuge.

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES make the mistake of saying, " Now, I'll take the cards," or anything similar. In fact, any reference made to the cards is superfluous and psychologically poor. You will find the method described above thoroughly practical and deceptive.

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