Fascinating Liquid Phantasm


Liquid tricks are always popular, and here is something that contains mysteiibus and VISIBLE MAGIC.

Some water is poured from a clear glass pitcher into a tumbler . . . and right before their eyes it changes to RUM. An assisfant from the audience does the same thing . . . but he only gets WATER! He tries again and gets the same result.

When the assistant decides he would rather have milk after all, the performer simply asks him to concentrate on milk . . . and slowly . . . and visibly the tumbler of water turns into RICH CREAMY MILK — WHILST HE IS HOLDING IT ! I I


Deciding to start again, the magician pours all the liquid back into the jug . WHEN IT ALL TURNS TO RUM ! ! !

immediately the magician pours himself a glass of rum . . . but the assistant only POURS WATER FROM THE SAME JUG.

Nothing is added, nothing taken away or switched. Blackberry-Syrup is used for children. Full patter story included and an additional one for children's shows.


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