Dream Come True

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Dorny holds the I.B.M. membership number 4 and consequently I have been reading and hearing of him for the pasr thirty years When I met him at last he fully lived up to the picture that I had formed of him in my mind. Typical of the man when I wrote and thanked him later for his hospitality he replied "if I show your letter to anyone else he will want to know when we are getting engaged."

During September there was, however, another engagement to be played at Kalamazoo. America being the home of conventions this particular entertainment was for the National Convention of Dads of Foreign Service Veterans. We were driven there by the gentle Recil Bordner, who is half owner of the Abbotts Magic Novelty Co., and spent a very enjoyable evening altogether.

There was, however, still another great event to look forward to. Many months in advance we were booked to be featured at one of the big night's show at the New York State Conclave, but according to a binding cfause in the agreement this fact was not to be disclosed until after the Colon affair. We were due to shuffle off to Buffalo, the home of Gene Gordon and Rev. Martin C. Elz. Next month I shall continue with my narration and describe my impression of the journey that took me and my family to Buffalo first and then across the American border into Canada.

Dear Max Andrews,

Congratulations on your choice of cover design for the "Magic Magazine" for june.

It certainly makes a fitting Souvenir for the Coronation and all magicians will agree that it is the very essence of dignity and good taste.

May your excellent magazine continue to prosper

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