Convention Sellout

We had to get further supplies sent up by train! You get a Jump of putty substance . . . roll it . . . shape it . . . stretch it like chewing gunr, yet when it is made into a ball —IT BOUNCES ! ! Creates much laughter and amusement. Lasts indefinitely. No mess. No smell. With Routines and ideas by Eddie Joseph.



This is probably the best selling Children's Trick we have ever marketed. It is charming in conception and has a surprise finish.

The large Golden Spider is shown, and the legend about him is told. Then his house is shown both sides and the Spider put in (Fig. 1). He is a very clever Spider and to demonstrate his powers, a screen is put in front; and children allowed to select any ball of wool from a box of several colours. All the balls are dropped over the top of the screen . . . and the Spider tries to find the chosen colour. Much business here, and lots of fun.

Finally screen is removed and shown both sides . . . yet chosen ball is missing. THERE IN THE HOUSE IS A NEW WEB, SPUN IN THE WOOL OF THE CHOSEN BALL ! (Fig. 3).

Mechanical action. Beautifully made. Size 13" square. Packs flat.

price 4.c/

U.S A. $7.00 jimmy Fiowers own patter is included.


Making a Jig-Saw Puzzle would be exciting at any time—but at a Children's Show it's a riot of fun. With a wonderful Jig-Saw Machine the Picture, is put in and the handle turned. You never heard such a racket . . . but the pieces start to drop out of the front at intervals. After a time . . . picture is pulled out and found to be half chopped up! Pulling it back, performer continues, or gets a child to help him finish. It is decided to fit the puzzle together by magic. All the pieces are vanished . . . and on remov ing the cover on the original picture frame, THE PUZZLE IS NOW SEEN TO BE COMPLETELY ASSEMBLED . . . EXCEPT FOR ONE PIECE. THIS IS FOUND ON THE FLOOR AND PUT INTO PLACE !

All the business and patter is given. Finely made, all metal apparatus in bright colours. Packs flat. Size 12" square. Complete


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