Cigarette Production

The performer pulls out a cigarette paper from the packet and holds it ar one end between his right hand finger and thumb. He then takes a lighter from his pocket and sets fire to the paper. There is a bright flash and a cigarette is seen at the fingertips. METHOD :

This production makes a good opening to a cigarette routine. A reference to the sketches "A", "B", £r "C" Fig. 4 will make the movements clear. First cut a piece of flash paper to the exact size of a cigarette paper and place it in the packet. Put the packet in the vest pocket with an unlit cigarette behind it.

When ready to perform remove both from the pocket with the right hand and palm the cigarette. Now transfer the packet to the left hand, pull out the piece of flash paper and hold it between the right thumb and index finger as shown in Fig. 4 "A'

Replace the packet in pocket and take out lighter (left hand). Ignite the paper; as it flashes off grip the palmed cigarette between the tips of the index and third fingers as shown in Fig. 4 "B". Immediately place the tip of the thumb behind the cigarette and quickly lever it upwards into the position seen in Fig 4. "C"

Golden Spiideir Spins Arnrnm by RICHARD MERRY

In experimenting with that grand effect, Golden Spider my endeavour has been threefold :

(a) Safety of angles—even in the drawing room.

(b) A clean vanish of the forced ball of wool.

(c) Strengthening the impact of the chosen ball being found missing.

Angles. In drawing room performances, it was found that adults in a standing position (commonly encountered at Children's Parties) could see over the top of ithe screen, thus gaining a premature view of the web. Similarly, a child at the end of the front row might get a "flash" through the aperture where the edge of the screen met the frame.

Thus, a new cardboard screen was constructed, about 2y taller and similarly wider. Since this routine does not use the "pocket" for The envanishment, the screen is unfeked. The outside is covered in a coloured paper, BUT (important /this) the reverse side is covered in a dark blue or black leatherette paper.

As to (b) the chosen ball of wool is vanished simply by palming, but there is a neat disposal.

(c) In the original routine, two important things are disclosed to the audience at the same moment: firstly that/the spider has spun in the chosen colour, secondly that the chosen ball of wool is missing—an anti-climax. This routine allows for the previous and separate revelation that the ball is missing, followed by the punch climax of the web's magical appearance. REQUIREMENTS :

(1) (Of the standard apparatus) Frame, spider, box containing five balls of wool, (called here Red, White and Blue. Green and Yellow).

(2) Single fold screen with suggested improvements.

(3) Bottomless ¡tumbler (essentially "per-spex"—not glass)

(4) Small notebook.

(5) Five plain cards. (Business card size).


For cleanliness in performance, the writer allocates one ,table solely to this effect. (For economy of space, a few smaller effects might be put on the same table, but performed

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