Card Tale


This is really a comedy gag, suitable as light relief in a performer's act or as a Compere item.

MECHANICS. The pack of cards involved in rhe gag is an Electric Pack, (i.e. a pack of cards all strung together), and the top card of the pack has two fine wires or catgut loops attached as per sketch. On the face of this card, at one edge, is fixed a small hook, rarher like an unbarbed fishing hook. This protrudes over the edge of the card and can be fixed to the face of the card by a small piece of adhesive plaster. At a very short distance both the wire loops and the hook are quite invisible to an audience. In any case the rigged card is at the back of the pack, as the cards are presented face towards the audience in the presentation.

PERFORMANCE. "Now we come to a card tale" says the performer, as he takes the pack longways in his left hand and craftily slips the middle finger of his right hand into the right hand loop. "First of all we must shuffle the pack. This is a very pretty shuffle. It is called the Waterfall Shuffle".

He raises his right hand, now gripping the cards, to shoufder height, as he stands left side on to the audience. He holds the left hand underneath the cards, at about waist level, as if to catch them. The cards fall, bur as they are all strung together they never reach the left hand. This gets laugh number one.

The performer looks puzzled. Slowly his gaze travels from his empty left hand, up the string of cards, to the outstretched fingers of the right hand. It looks as if, although his hand is widestretched, the topmost card is stuck to one finger. He gives the cards a slight shake to dislodge them, but it is of no avail. Again and again he shakes his right hand, more and more vigorously but the cards remain stuck.

This is worked up, with much 'mugging' on the part of the performer, causing the audience to laugh all the more at his dilemma. He tries to remove the adamant card with his left hand. Now both hands are stuck and he

Smo.ll hook fixed to Courd. Fclcc. *

r<2 loops.

shakes the string of cards furiously. Finally, he gets his right hand free, and with a look of obvious relief he gazes at it as he slowly opens and closes his fingers. Such relief.

Then with a comedy 'Double take' he notices that the cards are now dangfing from his left hand. (The middle finger of the left hand was slipped into the other loop when it went to assist the right hand). After further futile efforts to dislodge the mischievous cards the performer 'wipes' both hands simultaneously on his rump. Wonder of wonders, joy of joys, he slowly brings his hands from behind him—no longer contaminated with the cards.

He dusts his hands together and says "I'm sorry folks, that puts an end to my card tale". And how right he proves to be as he turns to exit or go to his table, for there, dangling at the bottom edge of the rear of his coat is a long "CARD TAIL".

N.B.—When the performer wipes both hands on his rear the faked card is hooked on to the coat and the middle finger of the left hand is removed from the loop. This routine gives rise to some delicious fooling on the part of the performer, and in my experience is always a WOW with any type of audience, sophisticated or otherwise.

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