Card Switch


Two simple card stands are shown, and then two different Giant size cards are placed back outwards, one in each stand. Transposition of the two cards takes place, for on removal the cards are found in stands opposite to where they were placed.

The sketches will explain most of the detail. It will be seen that the stands appear to be merely a base piece, a back and two slotted sides to accommodate the cards. The trickery is confined to the sloping backs, these being double, and large enough to take single cards. A cut-out slot at the rear of the stand, shown in Figure 2, enables the performer to slide the hidden card upwards when required.

With the two stands made as outlined, a card is placed ¡n each compartment, the cards being duplicates of those it is intended to use in the presentation, and two small bulldog clips should be handy.

Display the two Jumbo Cards and pface them, one in each stand, sliding them down the slotted sides, and, of course, being careful to allocate the cards to opposite stands, that is, Stands having an opposite card hidden. With the card in the slot, take up the bulldog clip and in the act of cfipping it on the top of the visible card, slide the hidden card up. so the two top edges meet and both cards are clipped together. See F'gure 3.

VAMPIRE CLUB.—Continued.

After this strange things happened, fights were dimmed and finally outed. Could it be the signal for an atomic air raid? No not that, but a shadow fell on the proceedings—■ many shadows in fact, produced by Fred Willis in wonderful variety from the village policeman to storms at sea.

Next came Ken Brooks. Need I say much about this slick artiste and his fund of humour such as "Hullo ! MAX eating tonight—you must all have bought Catalogues!" His performance was, I thought faultless, especially with the Linking Rings, another old one that always goes over well.

Later the cards are removed from the stands and the transposition is shown to have taken place. One stand only may be used to show a change of card, or a blank card, previously inserted, may be turned round to reveal a bold message thereon.

Billie Blanch, the comedian, looked in to see what all this magic was about, obliged with an impersonation of Rob Wlton, and a song.

Mystico concluded the cabaret with the aid of a charming lady assistant. He gave us a contrast by way of a sifent act including Flower Bowl, Multiplying Balls, Card Fans, Ropes, etc. I said a silent act but in fact he introduced one card trick which needed explanation. I thought this was a pity. The production in a cabinet of a Flood-lit Vase of Flowers was a good finale.

Well I must sign off with the penultimate farewell.

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