Ball Colour Change

A white ball is held between the first and second fingertips of the left hand as shown in Fig. 1 "A".

A coloured ball is palmed in the right hand. (Fig. 1. "B").

To commence the sleight the coloured ball is drawn upwards with rhe fingers into the finger-palm position. (Fig. 1. "C").

To perform the change:—

The palm of the right hand is placed against the white ball in the left hand and the ball is transferred to the palm of that hand. (Fig. 2. "A"). The left hand is immediately turned back towards the audience and the coloured finger-palmed ball is left between the first and second fingers in place of the whire ball. (Fig. 2 "B").

The two hands are separated and the change is complete as shown in Fig. 2 "C".

This is one of my favourite sleights; after making the change and displaying the by EDWARD VICTOR

coloured ball (Fig. 3) I show the hands ro be otherwise empty and then get rid of the white ball in the following manner:—

Turn the left hand holding the coloured ball palm towards rhe audience, thus showing it to be otherwise empty. Now bring the two palms together and transfer the white ball ro the left hand palm AND IMMEDIATELY TURN THE LEFT HAND BACK OUTWARDS AGAIN TO THE POSITION ILLUSTRATED IN FIG. 3. Casually show the right hand to be also empty and then rake the coloured ball in that hand, dropping the left hand to the side. Now stand with your right side towards the audience and throw the coloured ball once or twice into the air; then make the throwing movement once more, but rhis -time palm the ball. The left hand goes to rhe trouser pocket and takes out a duplicate coloured ball leaving the white one behind.

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