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This first important tip was learned from a friend of mine who is a marketing guru in the U.S.A. I was introduced, and subsequently worked with him on a project a few years ago, and in doing so, I discovered that he was the brains behind a special marketing strategy developed initially for the Yellow Pages directories in America, and possibly in other countries too.

My friend told me about how the exact same concept he used for yellow pages could be adapted for many other fields, including marketing a magic business. Without wanting to sound too 'hyped', this one tip can easily make you more money in your magic business than you ever dreamed of.

The vast majority of magicians offer just one type of show, a 'one size fits all' philosophy. This usually happens without realising it, but the problem is that consumers are used to, and even expect choices. Of course, we are all different, and if you asked 10 people what they would like from a magic show, you would get many different responses. For example, taking the matter of price, some people are on a budget, some want nothing but the best, and others desire something in between.

The powerful technique I learned is to offer three packages for your magic show. But wait, there's a lot more to it than that. Taking the yellow pages organisation as an example, they began to offer what they called a bronze, silver, and gold package to potential advertisers. Actually, it may not have been referred to specifically as bronze, silver and gold, I can't remember, but the principle is the important point.

The bronze package was the basic, 'entry level' deal for those on very limited budgets, consisting of just a straightforward 'line' ad, and there is certainly a market for that. For some businesses, they don't need anything more.

The silver package was a box type of ad which added some more benefits for a slightly increased price, and finally, the gold package offered a much larger advert with many more benefits than both the other packages, for just another modest increase in price.

The key to the success in this method is to make the price difference between the silver and gold packages (or whatever you want to call them) relatively small, so as to make it almost pointless to buy the silver (or middle) package. That way, you cater for the lower end of the market, but you also encourage those on middle ground to opt for a slightly more expensive package than they may have first thought about.

Just as an example to reinforce the point of this method and to demonstrate the kind of ratios we're talking about, the low price for a show might be £120, ($180) the middle price £175 ($260), and the high price £210 ($315). That's just an example by the way so please don't consider that to be a suggested price for all types of shows. We'll consider more about pricing later, but for now we want to drive home the importance of offering options.

If you start thinking about this technique and look around you, you'll soon find other examples are everywhere...

Some Examples from 'right under your nose'!

As an example, fast food restaurants generally offer three sizes of drinks, and fries don't they? If you compare the relative actual size of the drinks, they are usually small, medium, and large, although they are often referred to and marketed by all kinds of names by different companies. However, the principle is the same - the portion size between the medium and the large is much greater than between the small and medium, but the price difference to upgrade to the largest size is smaller than the price difference between the small and medium size. Does that make sense?

Again, the thinking behind it is that if you don't want a small drink, you opt for a medium, but then when you see that the largest size is only a few pence more, you reason that you might as well go for that instead. It works too! How many times have you been into a McDonalds or similar fast food restaurant and agreed to accept the larger size 'for only 20p ($0.30) more'?

Starbucks use the same technique to sell coffee, although they have opted for fancy names like tall, grande, and venti - that's small, medium, and large to you and I! Again, Starbucks have carefully set the prices so that the difference in price between the middle and large sizes is very small, but the portion size is much larger.

Car rental companies usually offer a range of 'packages'

Even car hire companies often use the same approach too. Some of them offer the standard package that includes just the basic rental cost, then there is a package that includes CDW and a few extras, and finally the all inclusive 'gold' package that includes a full tank of fuel, all the taxes, surcharges, in fact everything but the kitchen sink (which wouldn't fit in the car anyway). So can you see how this technique can be used to good effect when promoting your magic shows? Well, it should be obvious to you that with this method, you have the opportunity of appealing to a much wider market, and to subtly increase the price of your show for the mid to higher end clients.

Car rental companies usually offer a range of 'packages'

Let's see what you need to do to make it work.

Firstly, you need to put together the three packages.

Remember that the basic, cheapest package should be just that. Don't get me wrong, you don't want to skimp on quality, and it should be a good show regardless, but you just don't provide as many 'extras.' For example, you might decide to make the show slightly shorter, and miss out a couple of extra features.

Be careful with this - you have to achieve a balance, and you must still include a unique selling point (USP) that sets you apart from your competition in every package you offer.

As we've said through the course many times, your unique selling point is one of your most powerful assets, a weapon that can wipe out the competition. If you make your unique selling point powerful enough, the price won't really matter anyway, because the client will want what you offer, and they know that only you offer it!

Moving on to the middle package, you want to add a number of benefits to this package that makes it stand out from the basic package, because there will be quite a jump in price. If you've had some experience with shows already, what were the features that the client really liked? These are the kinds of features that you would reserve for the middle package.

It might be something like increasing the length of the show by another 15-20 minutes or so, or perhaps including a special trick that you know clients find irresistible, like using a live rabbit in a kids show etc. You need to come up with additional features that have obvious benefits.

Think about what you can offer as 'extras'

The top package should be the 'all singing, all dancing' show that includes so many extras for such a modest increase in price, that the client would have to be mad to go for the middle package.

Pile on the Benefits for the Top Package

Typically this top package is marketed as 'all the benefits of the medium package plus ' and then you proceed to list off all the extras. You need to make it sound so good that they will jump at it!

You'll also need to use your imagination here a little to tailor the benefits to your market, but it could be benefits like a special magic set for the child whose party it is, party bags for each child, a pre-show private performance at a corporate event, extra show time added on at a restaurant, making the Director of a company appear in an illusion show, giveaways of special tricks at a trade show, making balloon animals for kids, and so on.

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