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This book was authored by one of the most famous lottery players in the history of gambling, Richard Lustig. After becoming famous in winning lotteries, Lustig decided to turn his reputation into writing, and that is how he came up with this 40-page guide called Learn How to Increase Your Chances of Winning the Lottery. The book became an instant hit among the lottery players and it even became a #3 bestseller on Amazon's self-help books. Due to the success of the book, Lustig got featured by a number of media outlets including ABC News CNBC, and CNN Money. Later Lustig refined his earlier book to come up with a software called Auto-Lotto Processor. While the first book he wrote it himself, Auto-Lotto Processor was a collaboration with a team of experts. This tool is supposed to be used with Lustig's other tips and tricks found in his books in order to taste success. Auto-Lotto Processor, as the name suggests, is an automated tool for lottery winning, which was coded based on extensive statistical analysis, research, mathematic formulas to help users break the lotto code and discover how to win Continue reading...

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Recently several visitors of blog have asked me about this ebook, which is being advertised quite widely across the Internet. So I purchased a copy myself to find out what all the excitement was about.

My opinion on this e-book is, if you do not have this e-book in your collection, your collection is incomplete. I have no regrets for purchasing this.

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Lotto Profits

Lotto Profits is one of Richard Lustig products created to help lotto players increase their chances of winning the lottery. The system is the only one available that reveals the truth and strategy A to Z as well as explaining everything you must know in order to increase your chances of winning anytime you play lotto. Lotto Profits can be used in all games including pick 3, pick 4, pick 5, and pick 6, which you can get unfair playing ground that can make you earn lots of money whenever you play the lottery using the provided formula. The creator of this system rearranged the basic components and patterns by including some extra probabilistic principles to have additional odds of predicting a lottery winner nearly all the time. The system is capable of predicting exactly every single number, and using these numbers can make you win a lot in the lottery. Continue reading...

Lotto Profits Summary

Contents: Ebook
Author: Richard Lustig
Price: $97.00

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Lottery Winner University

Lottery Winner University is a product by 7 times lottery winner Richard Lustig. It is a training program that will teach you how you can gain statistical advantage on lottery winning. This program proves that winning a lottery is not down to luck and that you can totally control your fortunes when playing these predictive games. This argument is backed by the fact that the author himself won the lottery on seven occasions. The program will teach you the best formula which you will be able to use to win in the lottery. The formula gives users the highest possibility there is to win the lottery. If you get yourself this guide, you will learn the skillset strategy and techniques that you need in order to become a guru in lotto. You will discover the mistakes that you have been making that have been costing you the winning. If you have been trying your luck but nothing has come out, then you need to give this manual a shot. Continue reading...

Lottery Winner University Summary

Contents: Training Program
Author: Richard Lustig
Price: $49.00

Know of a regular person who would make a great guest for the show How can I bring them to your attention

What we look for in a topical story varies widely. It can be anything from a lottery winner to a dog who steals his owner's truck. We have featured a nurse who saved her son's iguana by giving it mouth-to-mouth resuscitation a 10-year-old boy who was home alone and punched out a burglar who was trying to break into his house and the man who George Steinbrenner dubbed the Number One Yankee Fan because he waited on line 33 hours for play-off tickets.

How To Create Your Own Personality Tests

One company places little symbols next to each possible response which symbolizes the type that response reveals. These are covered with a coating like scratch lottery tickets, which the client scratches off after they have responded to the entire test. Then the number of symbols are noted for each type. This information is then transferred to a graph, and the graph is then used to look up everything from overall generalized type information, to detailed analysis. Needless to say the detailed analysis costs you a great deal more money

The Big Newspaper Prediction

Cellski Predictor Cassette Tape Images

I've had remarkable success with such things as predicting such things as lottery numbers, front page photographs and sports scores using the routine I'd like to share with you now. Canadian television has been particularly good to me with this method. While this sort of thing works best on the air it certainly can fit nicely with a special stage performance. In such an on stage performance, the credibility of the person entrusted to hold the prediction envelope in the days leading up to the performance is a major concern. Despite the fact that no switch could have taken place under these conditions, the letter contains a series of statements which refer to things that have happened since the show began as well as specific predictions of the day's lottery numbers, sport scores or voting results The letter also predicts wild applause and this too comes true.

Audio Tape Headline Prediction

He then presses the play button, the tape begins to play and your voice is heard to come from the speakers revealing not only that days newspaper headlines and main storys but also many major news events from the past two weeks along with the previous two weeks winning National Lottery Numbers. You can predict a whole seasons Football results, who will win political elections, what the winning Lottery numbers will be and in fact anything which the public has an interest in and already is a newsworthy event.

The Yellow and Green Lecture Notes

Peter Studebaker is an old pal of mine from Dallas, Texas. He is a funny guy and a terrific magician who spends most of his time working in the corporate market. In these two sets of lecture notes he offers some excellent material for the close-up and stand-up performer. The Yellow Notes contain four items including a fine handling for the torn and restored cigarette paper, a commercial handling of the Universal Card plot, and a hilarious gag using a borrowed cat. The Green Notes contain a flash production of money from lottery tickets, a streamlined handling of Rollover Aces, and a terrific gag with a spectator's tie.

Swami Gimmick Meaning

I really cannot claim any credit for either this effect or the one that follows, the Cell Phone effect. The Swami Gimmick has been used to predict just about anything imaginable. I can tell you that I have been doing the Lottery Effect for as long as I can remember. It always seemed so much more logical to predict something of value, i.e. the lottery number, than just any three numbers called out. It also gave me the perfect excuse to use three spectators instead of one. In that way, I could do the writing on the off-beat when moving from one to another and addressing them. Even though it is a thoroughly contrived situation, people do really wonder if you can predict the actual lottery numbers This is fascinating to me and just proves how your audience wants to give real world value to your powers

Manila Miracle

All four participants find a lottery ticket within their envelopes. The performer has a ticket in his envelope as well. Just when the audience begins to wonder what the big deal about the zonker was all about, the performer explains, I told you that one envelope contained something which I really didn't want anyone to have. And here it is The working of the effect is simplicity itself. All five envelopes contain lottery tickets. Slide the bill toward the end of the flap until it clears the opening of the envelope. Slide the bill into the envelope with your thumb as the other hand shifts position to slightly bow the envelope. By pressing down (toward the face of the envelope) the lottery ticket inside remains pressed against the rear of the envelope. Now it is necessary to turn the seam side of the envelope toward the audience, pivoting on the inserted thumb. As you rotate the envelope, it also turns from a horizontal position to a vertical alignment. Because the envlope is bowed, the...


I have to admit the idea of naming envelope number 2 as the one that always contains the money was not how I began using the routine. At first, it was just a straight Bank Night effect. One of the routines I had read about suggested putting a small bill, perhaps a dollar, in all the other envelopes so that everyone would be a winner. That idea seemed a bit hokey to me, but gave me the idea of the lottery tickets. Since I was playing a game, it made perfect sense to use them as a consolation prize. My first thought was to put one in each of the envelopes. Then I got the brainstorm about leading the players towards one envelope and having the tickets in that one. Little by little, the routining fell into place until it worked itself out into what you now see on Mind Mysteries. Over the years, there was a bit of a controversy as to who actually came up with the lottery ticket idea. Others had claimed they invented it. An older video showing me performing this


We now come to the lottery ticket revelation. I ask the last person to open their envelope and take out what's inside. Before she can say anything, I say out loud, That's not blank paper, but four California lottery tickets Again I keep control and use my own voice, rather than hers, to explain what is in her envelope. Everyone can hear me clearly and they react with an Oh, that's nice type of response. Calling out that information myself also allows me to put finality in my voice which leads the audience to suspect the routine is over. If I let the girl talk here, I would not be able to do that. Then, out of nowhere, I come out with the line about last year's accounting and how I had given away over 31,000 worth of winning lottery tickets. Notice how I say this in a very serious tone so that the audience is not sure whether or not to believe me. Look at the faces of the audience members during this segment and you will see that look that says, Is that true

S Male Married

It will probably come from different areas, but money will come to you from some expected source such as a job, or such as the family. Money will come to you through some winnings from a lottery, or winnings from lucky numbers. And money will come to you through some sort of legacy, or will, or court document.

Social Security

I have a list of numbers and states glued onto the face of one of my tarot cards. During a reading it is quite easy to peek at the card. I have found that I get a stronger response by not naming the state but rather by using it's nickname. In obtaining the social security number, I simply ask for the first three numbers to be used in a formula in giving lucky lottery numbers. Obviously you do not mention the state ten seconds after obtaining the numbers. Wait five or ten minutes. The way that I would use the information is to say I feel that you have some unfinished business or unresolved issues in_.

Ultra Keynetic

The performer now displays a sheet of cardboard upon which there is a list of six colors, numbered 1 through 6. The performer states that the colors represent six colored keys, only one of which will open the lock to the Treasure Chest. The spectator is invited to eliminate five of the six colors because only one is needed to match the color of the correct key which is sealed in a small leather purse. The performer displays the purse and places it on the table next to the chest. The spectator proceeds to eliminate five of the six colors, selecting for example, the color red. The performer opens the purse and inverts it over the spectator's outstretched hands. Out falls a red key. The performer compliments the spectator on his amazing psychic ability. The spectator is invited to open the lock using the red key and to remove his treasure, a prize that could be worth up to one million dollars. The spectator opens the lock with the red key and removes his prize from the chest, a state...


Almost everybody has secret wishes and passions for something unattainable. Haven't you ever wished to win a million at the lottery, and then dreamed about what you would do with this million -Then, perhaps in your dreams, you lived in a castle by the sea, a luxury bungalow in the Bahamas, or a South Sea island. Or perhaps you sailed the seas in a white yacht, surrounded by ten beautiful women.

Allen Lang

Inspiration for this routine is the excellent Lottery in the Maze Packet Switches, pg. 258. I have two variations. In one, the spectator gets a chance to win 10,000 if he picks the matching card. Of course he fails, and you then show that the card he chose was the only card in the row not a Jack.

The Moment

Bavli demonstrates several effects that use special props that he sells. Perfect Key Bending uses a device which allows you to bend keys. Again, to my eyes the required move happens at exactly the wrong time. The Perfect Clipboard is a design duplication effect. The Lottery Prediction uses Mr. Bavli's Net Change Bag. This is a clever prop, unfortunately Mr. Bavli makes a serious mistake (which you should not make) when he performs the routine. He shows a large tumbler that contains small plastic disks. Each of these has a number on it. He dumps these disks into the change bag, and offers the bag to the spectators to choose numbers. Well, to my mind, the glass would have made a perfectly acceptable container for the selection process. Why dump the chips into the bag It makes no sense. (You should also know that there is an error of labeling on Volumes Two and Three. The Lottery Prediction, using the change bag is on Volume 2. The Perfect Clipboard is on Volume 3.)


Is (here anyone in the audience who has NOT bought or played a lottery ticket I begin Thai 's really not too surprising. Most of us have played our lucky numbers or taken a shot at dumb random luck in the hopes of winning millions Perhaps it really IS just another form of taxation. But I know that most of us here have also engaged in that delightful diversion of speculating on what WE would do if we won the lottery. It s amazing how many of us feel that we 'd give a lot of it away I'm not actually able to collect real winnings of course, just as employees of the lottery corporation are forbidden to do so. Otherwise it wouldn't be fair to regular folks, now would it But all of you can try this at home and win as much money as your care to. You just need the balls and you're all set I encourage twro co-operative spectators to join me on stage. Ladies and gentlemen, please give Roxanne and Sylvia a big round of applause for helping us out. Roxanne I need for you to record the numbers we...


And now a little game of Indian Poker - five card stud - it's played with ten cards and one stud . point to yourself with thumb ,. Jokers are wild and so's the dealer .the game was taught to me by an Indian princess name of Minnie Hee Hee from the Running Nose Reservation in Chickenspit, South Carolina .Minnie ran a lottery - asked me once if I wanted to take a chance on an Indian blanket .had a sign on her teepee - said all the bucks stop here.

Phase I

It was Darwin Ortiz who first suggested the proposition bet patter that 1 now use Folks, here's where we all get a little et.lucat.ion. A proposition bet is one that you can t and won't win. To say that the odds are against you is an understatement. You'll sooner win the Chinese lottery than a well played prop bet. If you'll promise to pay close attention and try to resist the temptation to place a reckless wager on the game, I'll demonstrate one of the most diabolical sucker bets going.

The Scam

There appears to be money coming to you from three different areas. You'll receive money that is both expected and unexpected. You shall receive money in the form of a legacy, something through the courts that will be left to you. That's in the future. I sense also there will be unexpected money, possibly money in the form of a gift or from a sale. There also may be a windfall, a sweepstakes or lottery winning. Some thing to do with chance.

Back On The Road

One night while watching the TV my Mum called me on the telephone and was speaking in a very hysterical tone, and I couldn't understand a word she was saying. Eventually she calmed down and explained that she had got all six numbers on that night's lottery. Once everything had been confirmed, her winnings were just short of a million pounds. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant My Dad was just retiring from work, so this lottery win allowed them to buy the house of their dreams. My brother and I were also well looked after. In fact I paid off my mortgage, which was a great relief, no more pressure to find that dreaded monthly bill.

Cigar Smokers

Cigars have always been used as a means of displaying superiority because of their cost and size. The big-time business executive, the gang leader and people in high-status positions often smoke cigars. Cigars are used to celebrate a victory or achievement such as the birth of a baby, a wedding, clinching a business deal or winning the lottery. It is not surprising that most of the smoke exhaled by cigar smokers is upwards. I recently attended a celebration dinner where cigars were distributed freely and it was interesting to note that of 400 recorded cigar smoke exhalations, 320 were in an upward direction.

The Nature of Magic

Mentioning the heritage of magic in the previous chapter might have made some of you feel uneasy. You may have been thinking that I am missing the point entirely. Magic is an entertainment art. Most audiences know, of course, you are only pretending to be a real magician. That is true, but let me ask you this. How often has an audience member asked you, Could you change my one dollar bill into a hundred or Can you tell me what tomorrow's winning lottery number will be or Can you make my wife disappear These trivial remarks meant as silly jokes still imply, If you are a magician, do something that's useful

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