Those who set goals and work towards them will succeed

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Goals, targets, ambitions - whatever you want to you call them are essential if you want to succeed in anything, including magic.

The statement you just read in the box above applies to every single person reading this. No one is immune from the need to set goals, whether you want to simply perform magic to entertain some friends, or you want to have a profitable magic business. Yes, whatever you want to do, in order to be successful and stay successful you have to have something to aim for.

For the sceptics amongst you, we'll prove the value of goals to you by way of a study that was carried out on the subject. It relates to Harvard graduates of whom in the year the study focused on, just 3 percent had set themselves goals for the future.

Here's the amazing revelation...after 20 years, the 3% of students that had solid, written goals, achieved more financially than the other 97% combined! Yes, just 3% made more money than all the others put together. It also goes to show that intelligence alone is not the most important factor to success. There are many millionaires who were high school dropouts!

To illustrate this point further, imagine a game of football (soccer) where there are no goals. The two teams would kick the ball backwards and forwards, perhaps getting a bit fitter along the way, but what really is achieved? Nothing! There is no point to the game without goals!

Even if you are nodding in agreement so far, the sad part is that if you think about it, most people spend more time planning a holiday than they do thinking about where they are going in life. Now that is a ridiculous situation. You have to change it!

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