The One Two Three Winnipeg

A good false cut is always a welcome adjunct to include in a card trick or gambling demonstration. This one fits the bill! It is an extension of Mel Stover's Winnipeg Cut which appeared on p. 93 of Million Dollar Card Secrets. A most accomplished close-up worker named Neil See showed me this beautiful variation.

The deck is on the table as shown in Illus. #1.

The left hand grips the deck with the thumb at the rear and the middle finger in front gripping the end of the deck. Note that the right index finger is topmost on the deck. It is important that the right index finger is placed topmost on the deck as indicated, as the index finger plays an integral part in making the cut devilishly deceptive. With the left thumb, cut and lift one third of the deck from the rear. The right hand removes the bottom packet (two thirds of the deck). This is done by first pulling the bottom packet to the right and then forward as shown in Illus. #2 and Illus. #3.

Arc the cut and go forward, depositing that packet in front, but away from the packet left in the right hand as shown in Illus. #4 (about twelve inches).

It should look as if you're removing the top half of the deck. Cut the cut packet in half and bring back the third packet which is now placed in between the both packets on the table. Study Illus. #4 and lllus. #5.

Pick up the packet nearest you with the right hand as seen

Place it on top of the middle packet and immediately place these on the remaining packet. That's all there is to it! The cut must not be done in a hurry. Experimentation will give you the proper speed and meter to suit your own style.

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