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This Master Karma ebook gives you a way to understand your life in terms of Eastern Philosophy and change your life in small be impactful ways. You will learn how seemingly tiny actions you can take throughout the day can actually make your life much better, and you will learn what you have to avoid in order to prevent bad karma from completely messing up your life. Dr. Steve G. Jones is a clinical hypnotherapist, and this book combines the science of hypnotherapy with the philosophy of karma to create an unstoppable healing force that helps you get out of the dumps and change your life. Karma is a natural force; it is as unchangeable as gravity. But that does not mean that you can't harness the power of karma to change your life; this book teaches you how to do just that. Continue reading...

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Of all books related to the topic, I love reading this e-book because of its well-planned flow of content. Even a beginner like me can easily gain huge amount of knowledge in a short period.

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Bad Karma

Finally, how do we counteract 300 years of bad karma Simple, decide finally, once and for all, that you are at least going to give honor and ethics a fair shot. Think before you act. Consider whom you may be hurting and whether you are doing the right thing. Get your head out of the sand. Stop ignoring the problem. If you see something wrong going on, speak up about it. You're going to hurt some feelings you may cause confrontations. But if you don't do this, nothing changes. You can shout and complain and whine and mope and write angry letters when a masked magician exposes tricks on TV, but the masked magician is simply a symptom of a greater, more pervasive, more deep-rooted malaise. As a group, we have taken the low road for 300 years. How much longer must we go before we decide to change

The Fifth Way Lost In Cyberspace by Eugene Burger

Fourth, you can watch other magicians (live or on television) and try to figure out what they are doing and then steal their tricks and routines. This path, however popular it might be, isn't as simple as one might suppose I'm afraid those who follow it inevitably face hassles and problems and -- and perhaps even general bad karma in life.

Physically Attractive Female

You can look ahead two years and logically it will be a reflection of the last two years. You've seen the best and you've seen the worst of what goes on around you. For you especially I say these words I believe that our lives are governed by destiny, by fate, by karma, by the universe, about eighty percent of the time.

Pushing Pulling the art of sending mixed signals

Let's look at one more powerful way to utilize this tactic. One thing that l love doing is talking about a really messed up situation in a really funny way. When a woman starts laughing, get really serious and start giving her a hard time about laughing at another person's misfortune--maybe saying something such as you shouldn't be laughing that could bring you bad Karma and could happen to you. Then when they think you are serious, say, It might be So, for example, if you see some big fat women sporting a pair of hot pants and a camel toe, you might comment on how gross you find frontal wedgies. If the girl you are talking to starts laughing, get all serious and say, You know what that wasn't funny. If you keep talking that way, you are going to get bad Karma and turn into that woman in a few years . Then when she thinks you are serious, bust up laughing and say, Actually it is pretty funny. And, anyways, that women should know better than to wear spandex in public . Then she will...

Repeat Readings In Person

Many Cold Readers have asked me When a person keeps on coming back for readings, what can you tell them without being repetitive Usually it will be a variation of the same theme. Simply ask the person what their dreams and desires are. State that their destiny is governed by Fate and Karma, and these elements govern their future by about 70 percent, but the remaining 30 percent is free choice. In essence, their destiny is by choice, not by chance. Mention that any doors of opportunity that may be opened for them, are probably going to be opened by them. I believe that the average person feels they could be more in control of their own life. Almost all sitters will agree that there is some unfinished business in their past. Or in the category of romance you may state There has been a relationship in your past that seems to be over, but there has never been proper closure to it.

On The Spot Dummy

In light of that understanding, consider this for just a second. Let's say there's some juicy, super-hot, incredible babe you've lusted after for a long time. And, to further sweeten the scenario, let's say through prayer, good karma, and the intercession of the Pope, you've managed to get a date with her. Should you be asking yourself questions like, Where should I take her How should I dress .

Reading for Gays

A practical technique is to insert this comment early in every reading. It appears that in a past lifetime you were of the opposite sex. Now, as you're working out your karma of this lifetime, you attract to you both males and females, who seek out your friendship, your help, your companionship.

Being The Breeze

You don't want to be a con artist with this material because if you persuade people to pursue your gifts as a healer with your skills as a magician, there are serious legalities involved. That's without mentioning the negative karma I feel you'd receive. At the end of day make sure it's not hard to sleep. Advice is cheap, that's why we give it away. Take it from my experience as a therapist and entertainer and just don't do it.

The Tarot Cards

There's an immediate and abrupt change that needs to take place. A certain aspect of your life is very chaotic. You are a strong person. Why haven't you changed it This may take a lot from you, but you certainly know that it has to be done. This isn't a good way for you to live. There is a rebirth awaiting you. (Whether it be job related or personal)

The Snapper

This is a handling of an old color change which has experienced a rebirth in the last fifteen years. I don't use it as a color change. Instead, I use it as a visible splitting effect. You can use it as the split from the four into the two deuces in Card Cleavage already explained or you can find other uses for it in routines where one card splits into two or more.

FR An Airport PickUp

So I get on the plane and settle in, and who should sit down next to me Bitch girl -- er, I mean, girl with the dog. She says It looks like you can't escape us. I tell her it must either be karma or she's stalking me. She laughs and settles her dog in under her seat before sitting down.