What to use and how to apply

If you're making up your own deck, you can use actual Roughing Spray sold by many magic dealers, artist's protective spray, or even some of the cheaper brands of women's hair spray! In the U.S., Krylon® manufactures Matte Finish No. 1311 in an aerosol spray, which does a very good job. It is available through most art or craft shops, as well as at through most of the office warehouse type suppliers. Keep in mind; you can do a "lot" of decks with even a small can of spray. See Photo 8.

To prepare your deck, find a well-ventilated area and place the cards to be coated face down on several sheets of clean newspaper. We also strongly recommend wearing a painter's safety mask when applying these products. Give the cards two light coats from about 10" - 12" away and let them dry completely before handling. Remember to follow ALL of the manufacturer's directions and precautions carefully. Some of these products contain solvents and are both FLAMMABLE and TOXIC. They also should not be used around children or women who are pregnant.

You're now ready to assemble your newly "roughed" deck in Si Stebbins order. If you already have an Invisible Deck or prefer to buy one, simply take the (back to back) pairs apart and arrange the cards in the proper Si Stebbins order with all of the backs going in the same direction. Whether you are buying or making up your own deck, consider having two decks with contrasting back colors. Set up one of these in Si Stebbins order and leave the other as an Invisible Deck, which offers you an impressive way to reveal a selected card.

Tip: If you plan to perform the Brainwave effect in this book, it requires a joker from an opposite colored deck 12 roughed on its face.

The set-up

The Invisible Deck has two sides - one odd, one even. The "even side" of an Invisible Deck is shown in Photo 9.

Photo 9

Photo 9

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