Swami Gimmick

In case you're not familiar with this mentalist's aid, it is simply a secret accessory that you wear on your thumb, which enables you to continue writing after you've put away your pencil or other writing instrument. As a result, you can predict the card a spectator will choose far in advance of the event. There are several designs of swami gimmicks; however, the most popular and readily available model on the market is the C-type Undernail Writer. This particular type of gimmick fits under the thumbnail and holds a piece of pencil lead.

To perform, you first noticeably write down "your prediction" on the back of your business card and then place the pencil down. In fact, what you really do is write something to the effect, "You will choose the" and stop there leaving a space for the identity of the card to be written in with the swami gimmick. After the card is chosen and you discover its identity using the Si Stebbins System, you covertly write in the abbreviated card name on the card - such as "7C," for the Seven of Clubs, or "QD," for the Queen of Diamonds. You can then dramatically reveal your prediction on the business card was, indeed, accurate.

One of the keys to using the swami gimmick effectively is to keep it simple - just a couple of digits and/or letters at most. Even that, takes some practice to do well. You'll also want to make sure that your initial writing with the pencil "matches" your writing later with the gimmick. Loud bells and whistles are sure to go off in your spectators' minds, if all of the writing is precise and legible, but the name of the card appears scribbled! Keep everything consistent.

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