Premonition Outdone

Effect: A card merely thought of by a spectator vanishes from the deck - only to reappear a moment later, reversed in the deck.

Properties: Roughed Si Stebbins deck, Three of Hearts cut short, and all four kings marked as indicator cards.

Presentation: We'll assume you are using the recommended short card and have marked the four kings as indicator cards. Cut the King of Clubs to the bottom using the short Three of Hearts. This gives you a known starting point.

You must now determine the position of the spectator's thought of card in the deck. Refer to "THE RULES OF FOUR" for "Finding any card..." on pages 8 and 9. Once you know its location, you can make the thought of card vanish by pairing it up, while still face down on the deck, with a face-up card and dealing off those two cards as one. This Count Vanish works because the backs of the cards are roughed.

Let's look at the handling in detail. Begin with the deck face down in the left hand dealer's grip. Tell the spectator to watch for his card. As you say this, turn the first card face up onto the deck - offsetting it a bit above and to the right. See Photo 47. This will help you avoid any problem with two roughed backs clinging together. Deal this card face-up onto the table. Turn over the next card in the same manner and deal it face-up onto the one already on the table. This action is now repeated until you reach the card just above the thought of card. At that point, square up the two cards for a moment as shown in Photo 48. You must make sure the spectator looks at the face

Photo 48

of this card and it registers that it is not his card. Once that has happened, look him in the eye, and ask if he remembers his card. As he gives you his answer, push the top two cards over as one with your left thumb. Your right hand comes over, takes the pair, and sets it on the face-up pile. See Photo 49. You must be able to do this without looking. Learn to trust your hands. The pair will cling together and do not be concerned if they are not perfectly aligned, no one will be looking anyway. Deal the remainder of the deck out. After all of the cards are gone, say, "Hmmm, that's strange. I didn't see the card you were thinking of. Did you?"

Square up the deck and turn it face down. "Would you like to see something even stranger? Watch!" Ribbon spread the cards on the table to reveal the thought of card has now reappeared reversed in the deck.

Note: You will, of course, have to modify your handling slightly if the thought of card is either the top card or one of the last couple of cards in the deck. The easiest solution is simply to shift a few cards from the bottom to the top or top to the bottom, as needed.

Also, don't worry about the spectator recognizing the pattern when you deal out the cards face up. He will be concentrating too intently on his own card to notice.

Photo 49
Photo 50

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