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Your unconscious mind will simply give you the answers to any question you ask of it. Therefore it behooves you to ask it good questions so it can give you good answers. The quality of your life is determined by the quality of your questions you pose to yourself in your life.

People often, in a horrible nasal tonality, ask themselves, "Why am I always stuck?" "Why does this always happen to me?" "Why do I make the same mistake over and over again?" Those horrible questions only serve to reinforce one's state of being stuck, because your unconscious mind will find answers to those questions. It will come back for all the reasons that 'you are always stuck', 'why it always happens to you' and 'why you always make the same mistakes'. Reasons for those negative positions only further entrench your position of being stuck and that is the last thing you want.

When you ask yourself questions that deliberately affirm your many options and potentials, your unconscious mind will go off and search for an answer for you. Your unconscious mind is designed to simply answer questions, which is why questions such as "Why do I always screw this up?" will only keep you stuck. Your unconscious goes and fetches reasons for you always screwing something up. The essential element is to ask affirming, directed questions. As you do this, maintain a good resonant tonality by speaking from your chest. It will help when you do this exercise in front of the mirror.

Knowing that your unconscious mind is an answer box is useful since you can now use it to your benefit. Ask yourself questions that direct your life in the way you want it to go. How easily and naturally will you find the solution to the problem that you need? How quickly and naturally will you be ten times more confident than you are now? I wonder just how soon you'll achieve all of your goals and lead your dream life. I don't know yet just how much pleasure and delight you can have in taking the next action on the path to your dreams. How can I make my relationships with my family and friends and co-workers even better?

Begin right now to ask yourself questions like, "How much fun can I have? How much pleasure can I stand? How much more confidence can I have? How soon will I be ten times more confident than I am right now? How nice will it be to conquer this nice little fear and go after what I want?" All of these questions presuppose that good things are going to happen to you and it's only a matter of time or a question of how much of a good thing you will experience.

Asking yourself those kinds of questions sets your unconscious in motion. It will go out and search for answers to your questions. By asking these quality questions you will get good results in your life. Structure your questions so that your outcome of what you want is a given in the sentence. In asking poor questions, your unconscious would come back with excuses for being stuck. In asking great questions, your unconscious provides you evidence as to how awesome you truly are!

Sometimes during this exercise, that nagging internal dialogue may rear its ugly head. To get rid of the internal dialogue, imagine giving the voice a really, really ugly scrunched up face to the point where the face is disgusting to even look at. Then imagine a boot drop kicking the face right out of your mind. Serves it right for trying to stop you from getting what you deserve and sidetrack your success! Isn't that better now? If it tries to come back, the boot will be right back.

Y ou cannot always control what goes on outside. But you can always control what goes on inside. - Dr. Wayne Dyer

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