The Value Of Negative Motivation

While having a strategy to move towards excellence can be beneficial in certain circumstances, you can also benefit by having a strategy that moves away from pain. Since we all move toward pleasure or away from pain, we are motivated to some degree in all contexts by one or the other or by both. Because I wanted to get this book done in a timely manner, I committed myself to not only moving toward the pleasure of having the book published and also committing myself to pay a monetary fine if I'm not on target and meeting my writing goals. In having the "away from pain" motivation, my efforts skyrocketed as I instantly became tremendously more productive. As you think about how I've applied this, you can begin to contemplate all the ways in which you can have "toward pleasure" and "away from pain" motivation methods implemented in your own life now.

When you set up your "away from pain" strategy, make it something more than slightly annoying if you were to not follow through and yet not catastrophic if for some unknown reason you do not achieve your outcome. Your strategies ought to be proportional to the magnitude of your goal you will accomplish. Here's an example to further your understanding. If you're on a diet and you have a piece of cake, you obviously won't punish yourself by fasting for the rest of the week. That would be ridiculous. You want your pleasure rewards and pain punishments commensurate with the goal. Continuing onward with the example, if you eat some chocolate cake while you're on a diet, you might figure out how many calories you ingested so the next time you work out, you will burn that many extra calories beyond your normal workout.

People become addicted to various things at all times. Gambling, drugs, and alcohol are a few of the many destructive addictions people have. People inherently have addictive mechanisms within them. The secret key is to aim our addictions in a positive direction. What would it be like to be addicted to healthy eating, to practicing and enhancing your spirituality, to doing something new and different each day, to chatting with strangers and being friendly, to promoting your business, to figuring out ways to be more productive at your job? How would life be different if you were addicted to those things? People practice their addictions very faithfully but they typically aim them in the wrong direction. What if you addicted to becoming more organized and efficient in everything you do? What if you were addicted to spreading joy and ecstasy in your life and the lives of those people around you? How about if you were addicted to becoming more productive?

People who have unstoppable confidence have it because confidence is a habit of theirs. The difference that makes the difference in our lives is the quality and kinds of habits we have in our lives. Each of us have habits and addictions. Let's empower ourselves to have positive, life affirming habits and addictions. Habits are tremendously powerful and a necessity in our lives. Without habits, we'd have to consciously do everything all the time. It simplifies life to have habits and to just do things. The problem occurs if we don't make ourselves aware of our damaging habits and change them.

There'd be so many decisions to make; we'd easily go on information overload as if we're not there already. And we might go nuts. Habits simplify our lives because we don't have to think about what to do, we just do it. That's why it's critical to develop good habits. On your goal contract, make it one of your goals to develop the confidence habit. Make it another goal to notice yourself becoming more and more confident and evaluate your progress.

I strongly recommend you keep a confidence journal so you can chart your progress to see just how far you've come. By the time you are fully aware that you have unstoppable confidence, you'll be able to review your journal and you'll naturally be amazed to discover just how differently you think and how far you've come. By regularly reviewing your journal, you'll be able to immediately correct yourself so that you can have more confidence in the immediate future. In your journal, feel free to jot down notes on what specific techniques from this book you will utilize in the next interaction to cause you to be even more confident.

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