The Problem With Affirmations In A Vacuum

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Sometimes people have the tendency to overly rely on affirmations. They'll say the affirmations over and over without anything else. The problem with affirmations in a vacuum is that you won't gain the full results. Couple affirmations with the techniques presented in this book and you have a recipe for unlocking the unstoppable you.

This book is designed to be practical and immediately usable. You should be able to apply these techniques the first time you read them. This is no-nonsense stuff. I've stripped away all the jargon and all the fluff because there is an unstoppable person inside you waiting to be unleashed.

Affirmations have a place as well and they will be discussed later on in this book. An important thing about affirmations is that they do not work as a stand-alone tool. Chanting some mantra over and over again helps drill the belief into your unconscious mind, and while that is helpful and useful in some contexts that alone will not get you where you want to go.

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