The Power Of Commitment

Commitment is very powerful in enabling you to get your dreams. Many people say, "Don't burn your bridges." I'm just the opposite. I say, "Learn to burn and burn very well!" Find out what you want to do, commit yourself to it one hundred percent, and then burn away any options for failure. Ask yourself about all the excuses that might prevent you from accomplishing your goal. After you do that, go through and torch each bridge so that the only option is success because you've committed yourself to that result.

When I left my corporate job as an engineer in a major semiconductor company, I mentally, emotionally, and spiritually committed to living the lifestyle of my dreams by burning all of my bridges. All of my ties to the company and potential for getting a job back instantly vanished. Even if I went back begging for a job, no job would be available to me. Success becomes the only option. Just as I did, you can do the same with what you want. Decide what you want, commit to it, and systematically burn all bridges that might prevent you from getting exactly what you want.

C ourage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear -- not absence of fear. - Mark Twain

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Christian Faith Healing And The Power Of Miracles

Christian Faith Healing And The Power Of Miracles

The Path Of Receiving Supernatural Healing As Jesus Healed. In ancient times faith healing was widely accepted as the only form of healing for both physical and mental health problems. As the development of science had not yet come about or even existed, this process was considered authentic, especially when positive results were achieved.

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