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Another key to being a go-getter is how you motivate yourself. Do you motivate yourself with pleasure or with pain? Do you think about all the excellence you want in your life or all the trouble you don't want in your life? You motivate yourself one of those ways and only you know that. Are you moving toward your goals and positive things or are you moving away from problems and negative things?

Both strategies can be effective in certain contexts. The strategy of avoiding pain and problems can be effective. For example, trial lawyers often using a pain avoidance strategy as preparation for their argument in order to construct strong cases for their clients. They seek to minimize any damage or trouble that the opposing attorney's may try to inflict by creating strong counter arguments. The strategy of seeking pleasure and getting excellence can be equally effective. In fact, a large majority of the most successful people who have close family relationships, have massive success in their careers and businesses, and who make more money, have motivation strategies drawing them toward more intimacy and communication, more and better service for their customers, and more efficiency in working intelligently to get their goals.

You may have already realized which motivation style you predominately utilize. In having unstoppable confidence, I encourage you to focus on having a positive motivation strategy that allows you to seek more pleasure and better things in your life. Doing this goes back to modeling people who are already successful. The most successful people have the positive motivation and if we want their results then naturally we can behave as they do to replicate these results.

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