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Typically when people do affirmations they repeat them endlessly to themselves in hopes that they work. This has a degree of effectiveness yet can be made much more effective with some modifications to how the affirmations are delivered. This technique has been modified to supercharge the efficacy of the affirmations.

Instead of using statements beginning with "I', you will use statements beginning with "You". Statements with "You" are more powerful because it's your conscious mind telling "You" [your unconscious mind] about what specifically you want and how to behave

Get in front of a mirror and stand with confident physiology and with a mental intention to project these affirmations to change your life,. The larger the mirror, the better it is so that you can see more of your self. With your shoulders back, head held high, stomach sucked in, look squarely at yourself in the eyes and say, "You are completely powerful. You are unstoppably confident. You are becoming more and more confident each and every day. Nothing can stop you. You go for what you want congruently and powerfully. You reach your goals naturally and easily." Repeat these affirmations to yourself in the mirror until you can totally feel it in your body. You might get a different feeling. Perhaps you'll see yourself a bit differently as if you already noticed yourself having more confidence. Or potentially you'll hear your inner voice speaking more forcefully with absolute confidence within. Do this daily as part of your confidence building regimen and I can guarantee you that you will have unstoppable confidence in little time.

The mirror technique exercise summary:

1. Stand in front of the mirror

2. Adopt confident physiology (shoulders back, head up, stomach tucked in)

3. Deliver affirmations to yourself in the mirror

4. Continue to do this each day

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