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Sometimes being overly sensitive in terms of feelings can lead to shyness. People can become afraid of doing anything for fear of offending someone, hurting someone else's feelings, or getting in trouble. Being supersensitive may be useful in some contexts such as when you want to really empathize with a person yet if a person is supersensitive all the time then that is detrimental. I know this because I used to be hypersensitive. I never spoke up, never stepped outside my comfort zone, and never did anything that might have the remotest possibility of aggravating people. This occurred as a result of my incapacitating fear. I figured that since I was so sensitive with such thin skin that others must be the same way so I needed to tiptoe around everyone so as to manage their feelings. What nonsense I later discovered this to be.

It's important to be sensitive to a point yet you need to have confidence to do what it takes to achieve your outcome at the same time. People are remarkably resilient. If you have confidence and accidentally hurt someone's feelings, there's a very simple remedy. You apologize, resolve not to do that again, and move on. It's really very simple. Understanding this means a whole world of new options unlocks for you because you can be, do, and have anything you want. Go for it. If there is trouble or someone is offended, you have all the resources you need to handle it.

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