Chapter One Getting Started on Your Journey

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them. - Walt Disney A Story Of Confidence and Shyness

Samantha and Cathy both graduated from college fifteen years ago. Samantha became a lawyer and Cathy worked as an engineer in the high technology field. They each have successful careers, fulfilling marriages, and are proud parents. They own their own homes and lead a happy life except for the fulfillment in their careers.

While they are both successful at their careers, they are both disenchanted with them. Samantha does not find what she is doing fulfilling nor does Cathy. They used to eagerly look forward to work every day and the challenge of their respective careers. Fifteen years later however, after doing the same thing, they have changed and no longer find their careers rewarding. They both want to pursue their true passions.

Samantha has always loved baking and wants to open her own bakery. She learned how to bake as a child and has always enjoyed it. Samantha knew that if she could own a bakery, it would be smashing success as she envisioned people coming from miles around to purchase her baked goods.

Cathy has always cherished music. She grew up listening to music each spare moment she could and singing in her church choir. She currently sings in her woman's group yet she visualizes what it would be like for her to be a professional with her own CD released, touring the region and giving concerts.

Fast forward five years later. Samantha, while still yearning to open her bakery, has taken no action to actually make her dream come true. Each day that passes she feels like she is wasting her time at her job while she lives someone else's dream. Instead of jumping out of the bed in the morning, she has to nag herself internally until she rolls out of bed and heads into work. She yearns for Fridays and absolutely despises Mondays. Spending the majority of her waking hours doing something she finds despicable, she feels as if she is wasting her life.

Cathy has taken tremendous action in the past five years and consequently has her own CD out, tours the region, and gives sell-out concerts for her music. The ideal lifestyle that she dreamt of five years ago has manifested itself due to her efforts. She cherishes each and every moment of her life. The time she spends on stage singing is the time when she feels that she is the most alive. She doesn't just exist; she knows she is living well. It seems as if her life gets better and better each and every day. Sure, she has had her struggles in launching her own CD and getting her name to be recognized. She had countless people tell her no. In the face of defeat, she persisted. She never quit. It would have been easier to stay at her old job and yet it would have been tremendously unfulfilling as well. Cathy paid the price through her commitment to live her dreams and she ultimately made them come true.

Samantha and Cathy both had dreams and visions for their respective futures. One of them made it happen and one didn't. It reminds me of the riddle of two frogs. Two frogs are sitting on a lily in a lake and one decides to jump off. How many frogs jump off? There are still two frogs remaining on the lily because deciding to do something and doing something are two entirely different things. Cathy took action and fulfilled her dreams. Samantha did not. The difference between the two is that Cathy had the confidence to put her plan into motion by taking action. Samantha lacked the confidence. What you will find are the techniques, attitudes, and beliefs Cathy and other successful people have while they pursue their dreams. They may not be aware of these techniques specifically yet they believe in them in order to get their results.

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