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Have you ever wondered WHY you get sick from different things, sometimes seemingly for no reason? Haven't you ever wished that you could find some way to stop yourself from getting sick and stay healthy all the time? Well, that might be more possible than you thought at first! Your immune system is an odd system, that many scientists are still struggling to understand. However, there have been some amazing breakthroughs! Once you get access to this detailed and helpful book, you will be able to find REAL and Applicable ways to improve your immune system and keep yourself from getting sick all of the time. This book teaches you everything that you never learned about your immune system Start learning what you can Really do to improve your immune system's health and keep your body healthier for longer! It's not hard at all Get started today! Continue reading...

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Appendix C3 About the Author

Along with teaching Self-hypnosis Wayne presents workshops on Hypnotic Past Life Regression and Stress Management. He has personally developed techniques in Pain Management, and has worked with people suffering from life threatening illnesses. Wayne has developed exercises to stimulate the immune system that are located on the Hypnotism Website at http

Reframing and Outframing a Thought Virus Using Sleight of Mouth

Sleight Mouth Patterns

Redefining - Ultimately, it's not the cancer that causes death it's the breakdown of the immune system that causes death. Let's find a way to improve the immune system. 6. Analogy - Cancer is like a grassy field that has begun to turn to weeds because there has not been enough sheep to graze it properly. The white cells of your immune system are like sheep. If stress, lack of exercise, poor diet, etc. reduce the amount of sheep, then the grass gets overgrown and turns to weeds. If you can increase the number of sheep, they can graze the field back into an ecological balance. 9. Model of the World - Many medical people believe that all of us have some mutant cells all the time, and that it is only when our immune system is weak that it creates a problem. They would assert that the presence of a malignancy is only one of a number of co-factors including diet, attitude, stress, appropriate treatment, etc. that determine the length of one's life. 10. Reality Strategy - How specifically do...

How Does Your Blood Smell

It's been documented with hard medical evidence that a woman responds to the body odor of a man in such a way that it effects her decision about whether or not a particular man holds any mating potential for her It turns out there are olfactory clues present in your sweat -- (sweat is derived from your blood) -- that acts as a very crude but effective marker of your genetic make up. Specifically, women have an ability to detect the character of a man's MHC genes, which have something to do with the expression of certain properties in your immune system. This talent is not limited to human females, many other animals display a similar ability (you know how dogs like to stick their noses up each other's asses to say hello), but it's somewhat surprising because people don't typically rely on their sense of smell to make choices about things.

Expectations and the Sleight of Mouth Pattern of Consequences

I explained that her situation matched all the symptoms of an allergy. Some people, for instance, have an allergy to pollen in the air they can't see pollen but it gets in their noses and they feel bad. Instead of having to hide from the pollen, wash it off, or make it go away, however, these people can use medicines that treat their immune system to reduce the allergy symptoms.


One of the more interesting theories to explain this phenomenon is the idea of 'theological placebo effects'. According to this line of thought, stigmatics are so emotionally and physically tied to their belief that they experience a state of mind similar to raptures. It is a fact that the immune system can be controlled by the waking mind, and in some cases, a heartbeat can be consciously slowed. It is this belief that leads some to think that the wounds of the stigmata are personally, albeit unconsciously, produced. I will however leave it to you to make up your own mind.

Cause Effect

Clearly, any one of these causes taken to be the whole explanation by itself is likely to lead to an incomplete picture. In today's science, we look mostly for mechanical causes, or what Aristotle referred to as 'antecedent' or precipitating causes. When we study a phenomenon scientifically, we tend to look for the linear cause-and-effect chain which brought it about. For instance, we say, Our universe was caused by the 'big bang , which happened billions of years ago. Or we say, AIDS is caused by a virus that enters the body and interferes with the immune system. Or This organization is successful because it took those particular steps at those particular times. These understandings are certainly important and useful but do not necessarily tell us the whole story of these phenomena.

Thought Viruses

Viruses do not only effect people or computers that are weak , stupid or bad . The electronic or biological host of computer or physical viruses are 'fooled' because the virus initially seems to fit in or be harmless. For instance, our genetic 'code' is a type of program. It works something like, If there is an A and B, then do C, or, If something has the structure 'AAABACADAEAF', then it belongs in that location . One of the functions of our immune systems is to check the codes of the various parts of our bodies, and the things that enter our bodies, to make sure they are healthy and that they belong. If they do not belong, they are 'cast out' or recycled. The body and the immune system are 'fooled' by a virus, like the AIDS virus, because its structure is similar in many ways to our cells' own code (a type of 'pacing and leading' at the cellular level). In fact, humans and chimpanzees are the only creatures who manifest harmful effects from the AIDs virus because they are the only...

How To Bolster Your Immune System

How To Bolster Your Immune System

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