Number in a Flash

This is perfect for on the fly walk around. You can vary it endlessly to fit virtually any situation.


The mage places a rather crumpled "forecast" of an event that has not yet occurred on the table. Selecting an individual from the group, he asks her to name any number out loud (note: a shape, name, etc., could be asked for instead). 'Twenty nine," she says.

The mage inquires whether the number has a special significance to her, such as a lucky number or, "did it just pop into your head?" Regardless of her response, he explains that the forecast on the table was a prediction of her number and asks the participant to open the crumpled paper to see how close his prediction was. The participant sees nothing on the paper. Perplexed, the mage retrieves the paper and shows it to a second spectator asking if they are able to see the number which he insists is on the paper. After another negative response, the mage mentions that the imagination sometimes requires a jump-start. He crumples the paper up, places it into an ashtray and touches a match to it. There is a brief, bright flare of flame leaving a slightly singed ball of paper. This is given to the participant to open and this time, the number "29" is plainly visible to all.


Simplicity itself. The crumpled blank forecast is a piece of flash paper. Its primary use is to provide you plenty of distraction while you pocket write your participant's number, shape — or what ever — then crumple it up and finger palm it to be added to the flash paper.

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