Marked Mental Miscall

Effect: "Is there a difference between the mind and the imagination?" Without waiting for an answer, the mage removes a deck of playing cards from his pocket and addresses a spectator on his left. "Susan, here is a deck of cards for you." He turns to a spectator on his right, "John, this is not a magic trick, so we are not going to have you pretend that you are using an 'invisible deck.' But, we will need you to creatively visualize the selection of a card as realistically as you can."

"Susan, please remove your cards from the box and fan them in front of you so that only you can see the faces. Look them over, select one that catches your interest and place it face down on the table. John, will you now mime the same actions, seeing the card you are imagining as clearly as you can in your mind's eye."

The mage now gives each of his participants a folded slip of paper and a pen. "Please record the value of your selected cards on the inside of these slips; Susan, your actual card and John, your virtual card." The participants are then directed to refold their papers, making sure that the writing can not be read through the paper, and then to initial them on the outside. The folded slips are put together in the middle of the table and the cards, virtual and real, are put away.

"Susan, to discern the value of your card, we will invoke that power of the MIND known as telepathy. Please, THINK of your card. Say its name in your mind several times. I am getting the sense of a red card. Is my impression correct? Good, I will write down what I am getting." The mage writes his perception on a slip of paper and gives it to a spectator, asking her not to read it yet. The mage picks up the folded slips and checks the initials. He keeps Susan's and re-tables John's. He opens the slip and reads out, "Queen of Hearts." The spectator reads out what the mage has written for a perfect match.

Before the audience has fully recovered from the effect, the mage turns to John. "I will not attempt to perceive a thought from your mind as I did with Susan. Instead, we will continue to invoke the pure creative power of your IMAGINATION. You will now visualize an event and that exact event will come to pass. Close your eyes please. Visualize me saying the name of your imaginary card. Imagine the words coming out of my mouth. We have this slip of paper to confirm what is about to happen. Can you picture it happening? Good, look at me!" The instant John opens his eyes, the mage pronounces, "Jack of Spades." John smiles, the mage opens the tabled slip for final confirmation.

Method: The title gives away the working of this effect. Susan is given a marked deck. The billets are ungimmicked two inch square pieces of opaque paper, which have been pre folded into quarters so that they look exactly alike.

Get your "telepathic impression" from the back of the card on the table and write down Susan's selected card's value on a piece of paper to confirm the telepathy. You can easily read the back of the marked card while giving out the paper and pens. When you pick up the two billets, simply find and re-

table Susan's slip with the initialed side down. Remember, you already know what it says. You open John's, read it, remember it for the second part of the routine, and then name Susan's card.

At the finale, no one is much interested in actually seeing what is written on "John's slip" as his reaction is really all the confirmation you need. He knows what he wrote so just casually flash the opened slip. In any case, it is a simple matter to switch the two slips if needed.

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