This is the second in a series of illusion plans from Paul Osborne and Associates

The Goodbye Girl Illusion

EFFECT — A quick and easy vanish of your girl assistant, the Goodbye Girl is exactly that On the stage is a thin modernistic table resting on an unpretentious base. Your assistant assumes a sitting position on the table, quickly she is covered with a cloth and the entire unit is revolved to show all sides. A shot is fired and the drape is pulledvoff... Goodbye Girl.

METHOD — The speed with which this illusion can be performed is what sells this miracle. Looking at the blueprint, you will notice the table resting on the base. This table has a small ledge which the girl actually sits on, and elastic material stretched to this ledge. Beneath this 2' tall table is a 4'8" x 4'8" base. The top of this base (just beneath the table), is covered elastic material. Although the base is designed to look thin, it has a 9" depth which should allow enough room for your assistant Refer to the side elevation drawing and you will notice the wire form hanging behind the 2' tall table. The form is made in much the same way as the old Asrah form. This form is permanently hinged to the back of the table.

To perform, first your assistant sits Indian style on the table and assumes a position much like the top of the form. Then the magician and assistant raise the drape, temporarily hiding the girl from view. At this point, she passes thru the elastic tabletop to the bottom base. As she works her way into the bottom base, she flips up the form and the magician covers it with the drape. At this point, the drape is hanging from the form on all 4 sides, all the way down to the bottom base. Once the girl has gotten into the bottom base, the drape is lifted up and gently tucked into the top table, giving a clear view underneath. The entire unit is revolved. When it's time for magic, the magician stands behind the unit and with a fast jerk, pulls the drape off. This action causes the form to fall back into it's original position and the illusion is complete.

1 hope you will include this illusion in your repertoire, as it has been a real fooler for us. I might also mention that normally we perform this effect against a patterned backdrop; this makes the form almost totally invisible from the front row.

This is the third \n a series of illusion plans from Paul Osborne and Associates

The Cannon Illusion

This will be the beginning of a three part series detailing the dassk "Shooting a Girl Out of a Cannon" Illusion, and the various Improvements my shop made on our updated version.

— After a brief dance number the proscenium curtains part to reveal a large chromed cannon, resting on a thinly ramped platform. One of the chorus girls is selected to step forward as a man from the audience is invited on stage. The audience member is asked to write his name or any identifying mark on the lovely girl's arm in black marks a lot, this is for positive identification at a later time.

Once this is done, our volunteer is assisted back to the audience and the young dancer dons a bright red helmet for her flight thru space. Two young men step forward and lift her into' the cannon. As this is done, the entire unit is rolled off the ramp that it was originally displayed on.

The barrel of the cannon is pointed at a suspended target box over and beyond the audiences heads. At the appropriate time, with a loud explosion, the cannon is fired.

Immediately, the back door of the cannon barrel is opened to show that beyond a doubt the girl is gone. The cannon is left on stage as a set of steps are wheeled out to receive the target box now being painstakingly lowered by the stage crew. As the box hits the top of the step unit, all rigging and straps are undone. Locks are opened. As the lid to the once suspended box flies open, our female cannon ball, with strange but very familiar marks all over her arm, pops out

METHOD — In the beginning series we will examine only the cannon. In the next two issues, we will detail the box and the steps ... but first the cannon.

It always bothered me when I saw this effect ... as to how quickly the cannon was shuffled off stage after its firing. Obviously, the girl had to get out of the carriage backstage and into the steps — so ditch the cannon quick or find twins. With our method one girl is used and the cannon can clutter the stage thru your entire act

In referring to the effect description and the blueprint, you will notice our cannon rests on a platform 1'8" high. This platform butts up against the back scenery and is worked into the overall scenic design. This platform is what actually effects the girls' escape. She is loaded into the cannon barrel feet first, sliding directly into the carriage and gravity assists her into the platform which has just enough room for her to work her way backstage and into the steps. Once she is into the platform area and closing the trap — the cannon can be wheeled forward and down the ramp to center stage.

In studying the blueprint of our cannon, I believe the above should become quite clear. Next month, we will cover the box she is "shot into" and its rigging.

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