The Mummy Returns

I vuess you could call this a poor man's Mummy Cabinet. It's quick and easy to build. The basic effect is a three fold screen is brought out and opened to show three panels featuring an Egyptian motif. In the center is the image of a mummy. This Hat art is removed from the screen so that you can see through the cut-out. The screen is folded in to a triangle revolved, and when the mummy cut-out returns to the front, a bcdutiiui Egyptian princess is seen within! ^

The three panels are made from 1/ plywoed or cardboard cut 'to be wide by 6'tall. Tape hinges are the simplest way of hinging all the panels together. The center panel has the cut out mummy shape (?ver this shape is the cut out mummy image that velcros over the actual cut out.

Mummy Magic Illusion

In performance, the panels are brought out folded up with your assistant hidden behind them. As the first panel is opened out, your assistant positions herself behind that. The magician shows the mummy and removes it from the middle panel as per our illustration above. The middle panel can be seen through as the final panel is opened out and the triangle is formed with your assistant within. The cut out mummy image is facing stage left away from the audience as the entire screen is rotated to show all sides. When the rotation is complete, the cut out mummy image is facing the audience and at that point, the audience sees your Egyptian Princess. The screens are opened and she takes her bow. Our drawing below shows the movements of the screen.

Mummy Cabinet Magic

Our top view to the left shows the movement of the screen and the hidden assistant. Notice how she moves from panel to panel until she is seen by the audience in figure five

Mummy Cabinet Magic

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