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If you buy your materials on Friday, you can make this prop on Saturday, stain it on Sunday and begin rehearsals on Monday. The effect is the same as a standard Substitution Trunk with the magician instantly changing Places with his assistant contained within a locked trunk. The fabrication has just been simplified to allow a faster building time for the illusionist in a hurry. The desired details of trim, etc. can be added later. The goal ot this concept is to get you a prop fast!

The magician shows an empty packing case with no top. His assistant is securely handcuffed, placed in a bag and the top is put on and locked down at four points. The magician stands on the trunk and holds an opaque banner in front of him. Instantly, the banner is dropped and the girl is on the trunk and the magician is found locked within.

The following page shows the simplicity of this prop that can quickly and easily be made out of wood and fabric for a few hundred dollars!

To begin building thi* prop construct thc box part first out of 5/ 4» plywood finished out to be a crate 27» deep. 57» wide and 27» tall. Install the rope handles on each side. Hie top is made from three pieces of 1/4» plywood laminated together The top and bottom picce have a 19» bq 14» hole in the top. The middle piece is "IT shaped with a hole cut out that is 19 1/2» bn 22». When these three pieces are glued and screwed together the center hole has a channel on three sides and opened at the back created bq the slightlq larger piece of 1/2' plq. This channel allows a 1/4» piece of plijwood to slide out the back. This is the trap section of the box In this trap section four 1/2» airholes are drilled. These hole? allow the assistant to slide the trap open and closed. The edges of this trap maq need to be sanded and lubricated to allow for a smooth sliding. Once all is fabricated, stain as desired and install hardware.

Supernatural Trunk Box



This top view of the lid shows the sliding trap (dotted lines) lodged into the center of the top. The bottom sketch shows the trap sliding back.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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