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This prop is basicallq a box made to the dimensions on our next page The box can be "iade from cardboard and. franklij. I think the shabbier the prop in this instance, the better It can also be made from 1/4* plijwood and finished our nicelq This is qour choice The table she rests on can be a standard folding table, or constructed for the prop hqa.n, qour choice

The bo* itself is the focus of the illusion How it is fabricated is up to ijou Following the dimensions on the next paae. i\ou will see that it incorporates the periscope method of double mirrors If qou go tie cardboard method of construction, then 1/1" plexiglaw rr rrors are the best wan of going, although theij will work well for the wood box as well fheij ^ I* be positioned as indicated at 4 b degrees each The front door i*. a-, ¿r^jwn ard the top door is there to pull out the fumui weight loss items stored behind tlie top mirror


The combination of Richard Simmon's "Deal a Meal" and a Bamberg illusion is somewhat unlikely, but guess what? The magician announces that he has invented a weight loss machine. It will work on anybody that wants to lose a few pounds. An audience volunteer is selected and asked to lay down on a small table. The machine is put over her and the magician points out the blueprint on the front for weight loss. He opens a top door and begins to remove, a rubber chicken, rubber hot dogs, several eggs, a rubber cake and a wedge of cheese. The front door is opened and she has. in fact, lost weight. As a matter of fact - her middle is missing. The magician confesses that he made a mistake and the young lady doesn't really need to lose weight. His device is lifted off of her and she is given a bucket of chicken as she returns to her seal.

fhe above drawings pretty much tell the story When the front door is opened, the audience's view hits the bottom mirror, reflects to the top mirror and out the back I'x Id* opening, giving the illusion that her body is missing The bottom mirror *urface racet the audience fhe top mirror surface faces the back top opening Make sure that whatever is behind the prop is of a vertical nature because the image seen through the front door us actually above what it should be fhe magician can quickly walk behind the prop if his coat and pants are of the same basic color _



Both easy to build illusions produce a person, seemingly from nowhere. Both are essentially the same prop, just styled differently to give two separate themes. Neither is a new idea but both are excellent for the perfomer who needs a fast and inexpensive solution to a production. The Haunted House actually allows for a switch that is mind boggling!

f5oth prop* feature the same method with the girl hidden behind the folded roof piece prior to the illusion being set up. This may be one of the most racti:al illusions ever invented. It plays big and can e simply made out of cardboard or foamcore. All 'our sides should be cut out separately then hinged together with tape the same color as the selected board In the case of the Haunted House the typical brown cardboard can be used. Por the Arabian tent you might want to consder a white foamcore board When the four sides are taped together allow about a 1/2" space of tape only, as shown to the rujht. This forms a tape hinge that will allow the folding of the sides to be much easier The roof segments should also be cut in two sections and taped with tape to allow a flexible fold



As in our top drawing, the magician begins to unfold the house, showing all sides. The house is then momentariallu positioned in front of the roof which allows a few seconds for the assistant to crawl within the house as shown in our sketch to the left Once done, the back is folded in and around the assistant, The roof is then shown on all sides and placed on top of the house. The rest is all presentation!

The Haunted House version of thus illusion lends itselT to manq unusual presentation possibilities In our drawing above, showing a backstage view, we are showing a switch that can take place that adds greatlq to the mijsterq of the illusion
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