At The Beach

The magician explains that there is one thing he enjoys more than performing and that is a day at the beach. But now he has figured out how to combine both activities. An assistant brings on a cartoon palm tree. "What about the ocean?" The assistant wheels on a cut out ocean. "Don't forget the sun." The assistant returns with a cut-out sun and sticks it to the palm tree. Next, a tube of cloth is brought out, lifted briefly and when dropped there stands a beautiful bathing beauty!

Al the- involved should b<? fun and r.arloon looking fhey can be ea$lll| made from m<?*tin cardboard or 1/4* plywood The * ocean* is a flat cut-out on a dollq that the girl is hidden behind It is approximately 40* wide. 20* deep and the cut-out itself ,, 24ยป tall The palm tree is about 6' tall and has a brace behind it to allow it to stay upright The sun is stuck onto the palm tree leaf with velcro the cloth is a hula hoop vv.-h of fabric attached. It is opened at the back as per our sketch on the next page

In performance, the palm tree is brought out first. Next, ihe ocean is wheeled out with the girl behind. Finally, the sun is brought out and attached to the palm tree leaf. The cloth is brought out and held up to the side of the ocean. At that point, the girl enters the cloth tube and stands as the drape is dropped.

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