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In addition to the manifestation of silent psychic influence in the direction of a particular person or persons, the Yoga teaching deals, also, with a broader application of the process in which a large field is covered, and sizeable groups of people are subjugated to the influence as a crowd. It is this handling that the magicians use in mass performances. I have named the phenomena, Yogi Mental Broadcasting, as being descriptive of the effects of this technique. As you will learn in studying the subject it has an even more personal aspect in relation to our daily lives and personal successes.

It is always easier to comprehend some comparatively unfamiliar phenomena when its operation is associated with a familiar one. For instance, persons just beginning to study thought transmission can grasp its principles best when these are associated with the idea of radio or television transmission. So, when I tell you that the Yogis state that psychic influence may not only be directed immediately to a certain person, just as a telegram may be sent to a particular individual, but that it may likewise be "broadcast" over a large area simultaneously; having these familiar associations before you, you will at once grasp the general nature of the processes manifested in mental broadcasting.

And there is another familiar feature which relates Yogi Psychic Broadcasting to radio or television broadcasting in that the former like the latter is picked up only by the proper instruments which are in tune to the correct waves lengths. In other words, psychic broadcasts are received only by the minds which are correctly tuned to receive them.

There is, however, an additional feature of this "psychic broadcasting" which has no corresponding feature in radio and television, and this is what the magicians know as "the law of mental attraction."

This "law" operates in the general direction of attracting to each other persons whose basic mental attitudes are attuned to the same psychic wave length. This tendency of humanity is well espressed in the old saying that "Birds of a feather flock together." This is definitely true, both in the physical world and in the psychic world as well.

This mutual attraction of the thoughts of different persons manifesting on the same general wave length operates in two basis ways, viz.: (1) it attracts to one the persons, things, circumstances, conditions, environment, events and happenings which are in vibrational harmony with your own thought, and (2) it attracts you to such persons, things, circumstances, conditions, events and happenings.

Whichever happens to be the line of the least resistance in the way of thoughts, feelings and desires will be the line of attraction manifested by "the law of mental attraction." Thus, according to this principle, either the other persons or things will be drawn toward you, or else you will be drawn towards them in response to this basic-harmony. This is mental broadcasting.

Everyone, everywhere, is setting into operation, at all times, this law of mental attraction, but nearly always unconsciously, unstematically, and without definite purpose or direction. As an example, the man sending forth continuously gloomy and depressed thought vibrations will be found to attract to himself persons and things corresponding thereto. At the same time, he will be found to be drifting steadily towards persons and things corresponding to the general character of his thoughts and feelings, as sent forth in his constant mental broadcast.

In a like manner to the above example, the man sending forth thought vibrations of a hopeful and encouraging sort, will be found attracting to himself persons and things of a corresponding cheerful type, and will also be attracted to persons and thing so attunded to his general mental attitude.

You will observe that this principle works both ways: it attracts to us and us to them, not only the people and things which we earnestly desire, and for which we earnestly strive, but, also, the persons and things which we most fear and seek to avoid. All this occurring in direct ratio in the measure of our belief that they will come or happen to us. The strength of the blending of thought and belief determining the "attractice force" of that mental state. In this we have the specific operation of two seemingly opposing statements in the Scriptures which bear upon this subject, viz.: "As a man thinketh in his heart so is he." and "The things I have feared have come upon me." They are seen not to be opposing at all, but rather are the positive and negative operations of the same law.

Now, if the operation of-"the law of mental attraction" can produce such powerful effects when it is used unconsciously, as it generally is, it is obvious that there are truly magical effects produced when purposely directed. Oriental wisdom provides that directive.

As Sadhu Parimal Bandhu instructed me in this matter while we were together in India. One should aim to "broadcast" clearly defined, specific messages, and thought currents instead of mental broadcasting indefinite thought-messages and waves and currents of mental attraction. The results can be amazing, and this teaching is one of India's most magical gifts to western people in telling of this knowledge.

The modus operandi of this productive mental broadcasting is to deliberately plan your thought-forms. Form the basis of Yogi Mental Broadcasting into clear mental-pictures showing exactly what you want, just when you want it, where you want it, and how you want it. They should constitute a mental demand—a psychic call for assistance!

Americas master magician, The Great Virgil photographing a troupe of Hindu snake charmers.

Two Ambassadors of Magic (P. C. Sorcar, official magic ambassador of the government of India and Benjamin J. Kleinman, international ambassador for the Society of American Magicians) meet at Bangalore during "The all India Magic Congress."

Broadcast that call . . . and the call will be answered.

Remember, it is the rule of magic that nothing ever happens by chance; everything is under law and order! A part of that great universal law and order is that same law of mental attraction. When the magician deliberately puts that law into operation the results approach the miraculous. In fact, when you begin to put into operation Yogi Mental Broadcasting for yourself, the results will frequently be of such a surprising nature as to make one feel they are almost supernatural in origin. Of course they are not. All that occurs in the magic of

Americas master magician, The Great Virgil photographing a troupe of Hindu snake charmers.

Two Ambassadors of Magic (P. C. Sorcar, official magic ambassador of the government of India and Benjamin J. Kleinman, international ambassador for the Society of American Magicians) meet at Bangalore during "The all India Magic Congress."

India is entirely the operation of the mystical laws of nature which you have put into activity through these practices.

It is important that you appreciate this point, nothing is ever supernatural, magic is but supernormal. Unless you plainly understand the natural character of these phenomena, you will fail to have that faith in Nature's powers which is necessary to enable you to draw upon her finer forces. "The Law of Attraction" operates here also. The drawing power of thought is made up of two elements, viz., the thought itself, and the element of faith in the efficacy of its power. The more you believe in and have faith in the natural laws of magic, the greater will the response be to that knowledge, and the more freely will these secret powers flow into you and be under your control. The real magicians of India have absolute faith in these powers.

In the performance of "mental broadcasting" you are really treating conditions, circumstances, and environment. Then you are projecting this mental-picture (thought form) into the Akasha, the ethereal substance of Nature. Here it will serve as an ideal pattern about which will materialize the conditions, circumstances, and environment you desire to have become realities. In addition, you are affirming the desirability of the changed condition, and your confident belief (faith) that the same will become materialized and actualized for you.

In this way, you create "a psychic magnet of idealized thought" which in turn sets into operation the "law of mental attraction" and the magical machinery thus set in operation will attract, draw, pull and push, in countless way, the things, persons, and conditions necessary to materialize the mental-picture which you have created and endowed with power.

Unexpected and unforseen things will begin to "happen." New things and persons will come into your life. New personal contacts will be made; new ideas will spring into your thoughts; new conditions and circumstances will form around and about you. Sometimes existing conditions may even be suddenly removed in order to make room for the newer and better ones which are being created for you by "the law of attraction."

In the performance of Yogi Mental Broadcasting you produce two different classes of results, viz., (1) you attract to yourself or you to them, or both, the persons who are fitted and adapted to cooperate with or serve you in the general manifestation of your ideals, plans, desires, and aims, as indicated by your mental ideal form set up by you in visualization, projection by your thought and will, and affirmed by your thoughts and words; and (2) you attract to you the things, that is the events, happenings, circumstances, and conditions which will fit into your general plans, aims, ambitions, desires, etc., or else yourself to these, or both. The Law of Attraction acts upon person and things alike.

You have already learned how persons may be reached by psychic influence, but you may wonder how inanimate "things" such as events, conditions, circumstances, etc. can be affected by thought and will. The question demands an answer, and the answer is forthcoming in the Yoga teachings, viz.:

It is held, you will recall, there are everywhere-present and everywhere-active the three universal principles of Akasha, Prana, and Creative Mind.

These three principles are held to be immanent and present in everything throughout the Universe. Also, it is held that there is no "mindless" thing in Nature. Everywhere, in everything, is there found mind and life, to some degree. The mind in the minerals, for example, serves to create the crystal-forms, which are as invariable and as regular as the forms of plant life and animal life; and that "indwelling mind" creates the ideal pattern around which the crystals form. The East Indian teaching further holds that in everything in Nature there is just enought mind to enable the created thing to manifest its nature, and do its work—no more, no less. Moreover, it is held that the lower degree of forms of embodied mind are negative to the higher ones, and may be moved, directed, and transformed by the will of an advanced mind.

There seems to exist a correlation between thoughts and things; a connection or rapport between them which causes things to move and act as the result of the direction of thought. Occultists insist that "thoughts are things and that things are thoughts of something." However one looks at it, it is accorded that things may be moved, transformed, and directed by thought.

This last is axiomatic and self-evident to all students of occultism, as, under the rule of the Hermetic Axion, "As above, so below; as within, so »without; as in great, so in small," we are justified in believing that thoughts control and direct things. Consider some variety of applications:

Olemps Mairie Photo
The fabulous Humayuris Tomb of Delhi, India. This 16th century mausoleum designed of a striking blending of red and white sandstone and black and yellow marble, stands as a forerunner of the Taj Mahal. (Courtesy Government of India Tourism Office)

You may apply the process of Yogi Mental Broadcasting in a more general way in which a mental-ideal is visualized, projected, and affirmed as a "psychic call," as a mental demand for help and aid from all directions; or else you may employ the power in a more specialized manner, while still maintaining the character of "broadcasting." I will now indicate possible employment of this latter type which are of a personal nature.

Cases are on record in which merchants have greatly increased their business by the method of psychically "treating" the business for better conditions and circumstances. In such cases, the "treatment" has consisted simply of the clear visualization of the business in the desired condition, with crowds of people flocking in and buying merchandise, with shelves well stocked with salable goods, and with a good bank balance showing profit.

This visualization was positive. The projection was equally positive and hopeful. The affirmation was made with the firm conviction of its truth. Thus the ideal was thought of, seen, projected and affirmed as the initial stage of the materialization. And, in due corse, the ideal became real; the hope became fact; the dream became true!

And farmers have been known to visualize, project, and affirm the reality of good crops, ready markets, and satisfactory prices—and they achieved them! Also, persons seeking better positions have obtained them by the same process.

Again, professional persons, lawyers, physicians, artists, writers, and others transmute their ideals into realities by following the same general methods of the magicians of India. Men and women have found love and mates through the process of sending out a "psychic call" by means of mental broadcasting.

And so the story runs. I could report for your benefit case after case, incident after incident, personal experiences without end, all testifying to the efficacy of this form of psychic influence, Mental Broadcasting. But the important thing is that you try it for yourself.

The ancient teachings of India were not intended merely for past ages; they are as useful, valuable, and practical, now in the western world, as they were in the ancient oriental world. Natural laws do not change; they are eternal. As is written in venerable texts, "It is the same yesterday, today, tomorrow and forever." For the essential principles of Nature are over and above change, they cause changes but are not affected by change.

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