The Seven Little Devils Besetting The Yogi

1 Physical Sensations. The annoying little disturbing itchings, fatigues, tiredness, etc. which distract the attention of the Yogi from his concentration or meditation. He must learn to refuse them his attention.

2 Sense Reports. The sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and touch sensations (stimuli) coming from the outside world, and disturbing the concentrated thought of the Yogi. He must learn to inhibit them, and "shut them out" by denying them his attention.

3 Memories. The memory, recollection, or remembrances of past experiences, which disturb the peace and distract the attention of the Yogi. He must learn to deny them his attention.

The Great Stupa at Sanchi. Located Jive miles from Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh, India, this shrine is revered by the Buddhists. It preserves the relics of Gautama Buddha's two famous disciples, Sariputta and Moggallana.

4 Reveries. The "day dreamings" which intrude upon the restful mind, and distract the attention. The Yogi must divert these by refusing them attention.

5 Involuntary Thought Analysis. The subtle, analysis of one's own mental states which tend to come in contemplation and meditation, and which divert the attention from its proper object of concentration. The Yogi must think only about the object of his concentration; not about his thoughts concerning it, or the manner of its performance.

6 Thought Influence. Influences coming from other minds. As a sensitive, the Yogi must overcome such subtle "little devils" by resolutely denying them his attention.

7 Dimmed Consciousness. The dreamy, sleepy, drowsiness in which consciousness becomes dim, hazy, or clouded. Concentration, contemplation, and meditation must be "wide awake" in the Yogi. One must either go to sleep, or else stay awake, but do not try to combine the two states at the same time.

You have learned of "The Obstacles to Yoga Concentration" and "The Seven Little Devils Besetting the Yogi;" keep them at a distance and out of your field of consciousness; remember that such as these that pertain to the Yogi pertain to the magician.

When you have mastered the art/sciences of Pratyahara, Dharana, and Dhyana—the method of Yoga mental control and concentration, then you will experience that which is spoken of in the ancient knowledge:

"Then will that which you hold in thought be as the strong, steady flame of the light of the temple. Gone will be all flickerings, all waverings, all sputtering. The winds which once disturbed it will have died down and finally ceased; and no longer will the insects plunge into its flame and disturb its steadiness. Then will the lamp be worthy of its flame, and the flame worthy of its lamp, and both worthy of the high priest of the temple, which is your real self."

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